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Army Community Service

Army Community Service


Army Community Service (ACS) Center

Fort Wainwright, Building 3401 907-353-4227
Fort Greely, Basement of Building 702 907-873-4649

Centralized facility providing comprehensive, coordinated and responsive readiness service to support commanders, Soldiers, civilians and families.

Family Assistance Center (FAC)

Centers operating 24/7, established by garrison commanders under the auspices of ACS in response to deployments, natural disasters or catastrophic events to assist Soldiers and family members with basic services. Other agencies may be asked to participate in the FAC as local needs dictate. The National Guard operates FACs for families who are geographically dispersed and located in remote sites. Operated as needed and as directed by the garrison commander.

Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Fort Wainwright, Building 3414 Rhineland Avenue 907-353-7322
Fort Greely, FAC for Guard 907-873-4906

Specialized services to support the needs of Warriors in Transition (WT) and their families. The SFAC provides a warm, relaxed environment where Soldiers and their families can gather to foster physical, spiritual and mental healing. These centers provide traditional ACS services tailored to the needs of WTs and their families, as well as transition services, child care, educational counseling, military personnel and alcohol and drug services coordination to support WTs and their family members as they transition back to duty or to the civilian life.


Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

A grassroots, Army-wide initiative to identify and prioritize issues to enhance standards of living for Soldiers and their families.

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

A family training and readiness program that provides participants with an understanding of Army culture and the skills and resources they need to become self-reliant, self-sufficient members of the military community. Online training available through

Army OneSource (AOS)

Network of the services and delivery of support to Soldiers and their families regardless of their component or geographical location. All key players who support the Army family are working in strategic partnerships to extend and expand support to those identified within the Soldier Family Action Plan and the Army Family Covenant, namely the geographically dispersed. AOS establishes partnerships with sister services to increase and sustain support to those not living near a garrison. Army Soldiers and family members may access programs and services through three primary ways: 1) traditional brick-and-mortar establishments at garrisons, 2) a web-based portal and 3) through partnerships with local community and government organizations. Services are available through

Army Volunteer Corps

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

Unites volunteers and organizations using volunteers while strengthening volunteerism by enhancing the career mobility of volunteers, establishing partnerships and promoting a lifelong commitment to service. This, in turn, assists in maintaining readiness, sustaining communities and enriching lives throughout the Army.

Employment Readiness Program

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-2479

Provides employment assistance to active-duty, reserve component, transitioning and retired Soldiers, family members and DOD civilian employees in acquiring skills, networks and resources that will allow them to participate in the workforce and develop a career/work plan.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program (MSEP)

A self-sustaining and expanding partnership between the U.S. Army and corporate America. The partnership provides Army spouses the opportunity to attain financial security and achieve employment and career goals through mobility and enhanced employment options. MSEP is a core component of the Employment Readiness Program to enhance and develop employment opportunities for spouses. Services are available through

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Fort Wainwright, Building 3414
Rhineland Avenue 907-353-4243
Fort Greely 907-873-4385

A mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, personnel and respite care services to families with special needs.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7317
Fort Greely 907-873-4385

The Army FAP is committed to preventing domestic and child abuse and neglect by providing a variety of services to strengthen Army families and enhance resiliency. The FAP includes prevention, identification, reporting, investigation and treatment in support of Soldiers and families.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7515
Fort Greely 907-873-4385

Provides professional social workers and nurses who offer supportive and caring services to military families with children from birth to 3 years old. Through a variety of programs, including home visits and parenting classes, the NPSP provides opportunities to learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-

deployment, reunions and the everyday demands of parenthood. The program is committed to developing strong Army families and the prevention and treatment of family violence. Its coordinated efforts are designed to prevent and intervene in cases of family distress and to promote healthy family life.

Victim Advocacy

Fort Wainwright 353-4202
24/7 Hotline 907-799-9770

Fort Greely 873-4385
24/7 Hotline 907-505-0379

Provides 24/7 services for victims of domestic violence. Victims have access to emergency assistance, information, referrals and ongoing support in accessing medical, behavioral health, legal and law enforcement services on and off garrisons. Available for both RESTRICTED (no command or law enforcement involvement) and UNRESTRICTED reports (full investigative process).

Financial Readiness

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7438
Fort Greely 907-873-2479

Provides comprehensive educational and counseling programs in personal financial readiness. The program covers indebtedness, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance and consumer issues. Other services include mandatory personal financial readiness training for first-termers, as well as financial counseling for deployed Soldiers and their families. Personal financial counselors are nationally accredited financial counselors.

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7453
After duty hours, call AER Headquarters 800-410-9144
Fort Greely services not available.

Exists solely for “helping the Army take care of its own.” Provides assistance for unexpected and financial stress to include: emergency travel, housing, car repair, utilities, medical and dental expenses, winterization, PCS-related expenses (new furniture, new car — up to $4,000), funeral costs and disaster relief. AER is offered as part of the continuum of services in Financial Readiness and is available to eligible Army personnel, their families, retirees, widows and orphans. The Commander’s Referral Program allows commanders to approve up to two $1,500 loans per year to protect Soldiers and family members from predatory lenders.

Emergency Food Program

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7453

Emergency food assistance support is available to aid in the prevention of privation on a short-term basis. Assistance is provided in coordination with the personal financial counselor and Army Emergency Relief officer.

Fort Greely, Individuals requiring assistance are referred to Fort Wainwright or to the Deltana Community Services Partnership.

Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7438
Fort Greely 907-873-2479

FSSA provides an allowance to Soldiers to help them fund their family’s food costs. Soldiers who have not qualified in the past for this type of assistance will be pleased to discover that the FSSA program recently was updated with lower qualification requirements and higher allowances being offered. The steps to apply are not difficult. Soldiers who think they may qualify can visit to complete an application.

After completing the application, Soldiers will be immediately informed about whether they qualify, as well as the dollar amount for which the family qualifies. The FSSA website is accessible only to active-duty service members, National Guard and reserve members on active-duty status. FSSA instructions, policy and guidance for eligibility can be found on the FSSA website on the Resources tab. Eligibility is based on the income for all members of the household and the number of people living in the household. Soldiers who qualify should print the completed application from the website and contact Army Community Service to schedule an appointment with one of the Financial Readiness advisers. After attending this appointment, the Soldier will take the completed packet to his or her command for certification and proper routing to the local finance office.

Information, Referral and Follow-up (IR&F)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7298
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

IR&F strives to provide Soldiers and families with timely, comprehensive information on both military and community resources that will assist in meeting basic needs and improve quality of life. IR&F helps clients find answers to perplexing problems or locate information not readily available elsewhere.

Master Resiliency Training (MRT)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

This training replaces Battlemind Training. It offers strength-based, positive psychology tools to aid Soldiers, leaders and families in their ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. Family Resilience Training trains the Soldiers’ families in preparing for and managing the realities of the deployment and the transition back home. Operational Resilience trains Soldiers and leaders in preparing for and managing the realities of the deployment and the transition back home.

Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC)

Fort Wainwright 907-388-2553
Fort Greely 907-803-3563

A key outreach service to Soldiers and families. Enhanced community family support services offering licensed clinical social workers and psychologists to address various issues that Soldiers and families face before and after deployment. Completely confidential with the exception of reporting harm to self or others. No records are maintained or reported to the chain of command.

Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program (MOBDEP)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4332
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

Includes program and support activities designed to assist leaders at all levels and Soldiers and their families to successfully manage the challenges of mobilization and deployments before, during and after they occur. Key program for new and experienced Family Readiness Groups and rear detachment commanders.

Operation R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Educating About Deployment and You)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4332
Fort Greely services not available.

Standardized training curriculum used by the MOB/DEP program and designed to prepare leaders, Soldiers, deployed civilians and families for the personal and family demands of the deployment cycle.

Outreach Services

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4227
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

Center-based services are supplemented with outreach to families. The primary focus of outreach will be to deliver services to the following populations: geographically or socially isolated families identified as needing specific outreach services, first-term Soldiers and families, geographically separated families, newly arrived Soldiers and families in the community, single-parent families, and other Soldiers and families identified by a needs assessment. Additionally, unit service coordination will be established with commanders to provide the support needed by the units.

Relocation Readiness Program

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7908
Fort Greely 907-873-3284

Relocation Readiness assistance provided to Soldiers and families to help reduce or eliminate problems arising due to frequent moves. Specialized programs and services include: individual or group counseling, sponsorship and pre-arrival information, mandatory overseas briefings and post-move orientations, lending closet services (i.e., household kitchen sundries and appliances, air mattresses, playpens, ironing boards, irons and more), Military OneSource web pages on the DOD website, citizenship immigration services, multicultural programs and “Hearts Apart” activities for waiting families. Garrison commanders chair multidisciplinary Relocation Assistance Coordinating Committees to stay abreast of issues and remedy emerging concerns.

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program

Fort Wainwright, 24/7 Hotline 907-353-7272
Fort Greely, 24/7 Hotline 907-505-0275
Department of Defense SHARP Hotline 877-995-5247

The Army’s SHARP program exists to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assaults before they occur. This program reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting and accountability. Services are available for RESTRICTED (no command or law enforcement involvement) and UNRESTRICTED (full investigative process) reporting.

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)

Fort Wainwright 907-353-4004
Fort Greely 907-873-4385

A multiagency approach which embraces and reassures survivors that they are continually linked to the Army family for as long as they desire. SOS fosters resiliency and ensures access to all entitled benefits, financial counseling and planning, and long-term support.

Transitional Compensation (TC) Program for Abused Dependents

Fort Wainwright 907-353-7317
Fort Greely 907-873-4385

A congressionally mandated program for abused dependents of military personnel. Legislation authorizes temporary payments for families in which the active-duty Soldier has been separated administratively or by court-martial for a dependent-abuse offense. The TC Program offers benefits and entitlements for 12 to 36 months to eligible family members. During this benefit period, beneficiaries are provided temporary financial compensation and are eligible to receive medical care, including behavioral health services, as TRICARE beneficiaries. Recipients will also have commissary and exchange privileges during this period.

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