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15th Operations Group

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The 15th Operations Group comprises five distinct squadrons: the 65th Airlift Squadron, 535th Airlift Squadron, 15th Operations Support Squadron and two Total Force Integration squadrons, the 19th Fighter Squadron and 96th Air Refueling Squadron.

With slightly more than 300 personnel, the 15th Operations Group is responsible for overseeing the safe and effective use of more than $2 billion in F-22A, KC-135R, C-17A, C-37 and C-40 aircraft executing a $55.3 million flying-hour program in support of worldwide airlift requirements.

The 65th Airlift Squadron provides global airlift on specifically configured C-40B and C-37A aircraft supporting the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command (CDRUSPACOM); Commander, Pacific Air Forces (COMPACAF); and U.S. and foreign dignitaries in support in direct support of U.S. foreign policy.

The 535th Airlift Squadron provides combat-ready C-17A aircrew for the execution of worldwide airlift missions supporting national security and Department of Defense directives. They maintain mission readiness in night vision goggle (NVG); aerial refueling; airdrop; and low-level, austere airfield and emergency nuclear airlift operations in support of JCS exercises, global contingencies, presidential support, humanitarian airlift and aeromedical evacuations.

The 19th Fighter Squadron is a combat-ready fighter squadron prepared to mobilize, deploy and employ the F-22 air dominance fighter in support of worldwide combatant commanders. It performs daily air sovereignty alert missions for PACOM, covering 300,000 square miles. It conducts graduate-level training, enabling pilots to exploit unique advantages of the world’s only fifth-generation fighter. It maintains readiness in the full spectrum of F-22 air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons employment.

The 96th Air Refueling Squadron is an active associate KC-135R Total Force Integration unit, increasing worldwide air refueling combat capability through force optimization and utilization of 11 154th Wing HIANG aircraft. The unit is responsible to create effect of rapid projection and application of joint U.S. military power across the full spectrum of operations and is tasked to bolster Global Mobility CONOPS air refueling and expeditionary air mobility operations capability by generating qualified combat aircrews.

The 15th Operations Squadron provides combat aircrew support for the full spectrum of 15th Wing air operations to include aircrew training, combat tactics, intelligence, operations scheduling, life support and combat weather services for transient and wing aircrews. It also supplies airfield management oversight of the U.S. Air Force’s largest shared-use airfield, providing flight operations and en route support for more than 9,800 aircraft and the deployed operations of more than 50 units annually. It is also responsible for maintaining oversight of theater flight records for 450 aviators in eight countries.



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