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The Coast Guard owns seven housing units in two areas of Wailupe and Diamond Head on the island of Oahu and 12 housing units on the neighbor islands of Kauai and Hawaii (aka The Big Island). The LHO makes assignments to CG-leased and -owned housing when available. The Housing Office cannot predict housing availability or guarantee assignment. Members should also be aware that pets are not allowed in Coast Guard-leased housing.

Wailupe Quarters: Six houses are in the Aina Haina section on the Wailupe Peninsula, between Diamond Head crater and Koko Head crater. These housing units are designated only for Coast Guard captain (O6) assignment. They are all duplexes with the exception of Quarters A and Quarters D/E, which are single-family units.

Diamond Head Quarters: One of Hawaii’s oldest landmarks is located at the base of Diamond Head crater and serves as the residence of the 14th Coast Guard District Commander, as a Representational Facility. The following Coast Guard-owned housing communities are located on the neighbor islands for CGC KISKA (five detached, three-bedroom units) and STA KAUAI (six detached, three-bedroom units).

Leased housing may also be available as unaccompanied and family housing to qualified members when no government-owned quarters are available. Those interested in applying for government-owned housing should send the below listed documents directly to the local unit’s commanding officer or officer-in-charge to be forwarded to the unit LHR.

Assignment to Government Quarters: Government quarters are defined as owned or leased. Separate waiting lists shall be maintained and administered as prescribed in accordance with the CG Housing Manual. Assignment priority is based on control date and bedroom entitlement.

The control date is defined as the actual reporting date, or date of the housing application, whichever is later. The bedroom entitlement is defined as the number of bedrooms you are eligible for, which depends on the age and gender of your dependent children. Refer to the Minimum Bedroom Requirement Table in this section.

The waiting lists for Coast Guard-owned housing are maintained at the Housing Office. Housing assignment information (such as address) cannot be provided until the actual housing assignment is made. Privatized housing applicants are placed on the waiting list once signed into the gaining command with an eligibility date based upon the date signed out of their losing command. Placement on appropriate housing waitlists will be based upon applicant’s rank and number of command sponsored dependents (one bedroom per child).

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