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Planning Your Move

Planning Your Move

Hawaii USCG Planning Your Move


If you are returning to the islands, welcome back. If this is your first time here, e komo mai (welcome). You should receive a detailed Welcome Aboard message from your new unit, which will include the name of your sponsor. Call the unit if you don’t receive one within 10 days of your orders issue date. If your ship is deployed, call Base Honolulu Administration at 808-842-2053. Call the unit if you have any concerns.

Overseas Interview

If you believe an overseas assignment could cause a hardship for you or your family, your duty is to raise the issue. Getting the issue resolved or, sometimes, getting your orders changed will save you and your family a lot of stress. If you have doubts about a health, educational or financial situation, discuss it with your command, your sponsor and your prospective command.

Entry Approval and Command Sponsorship

All members must obtain official entry approval from the receiving unit’s Servicing Personnel Office. Entry approval is necessary for the transportation of your dependents, household goods and privately owned vehicle. Your unit must send a “Request for Entry Approval” message to your new unit’s SPO after you have completed all Welcome Aboard message requirements.

Household Goods

Most Coast Guard units are now processing HHG shipments under the DOD-sponsored Defense Personal Property System. Contact your transportation officer to get your HHG packing and shipping arranged. Base Honolulu uses the DPS program and functions as a satellite operation of the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office at Pearl Harbor. Remember you need your entry approval message to process your HHG and POV shipments.

Unaccompanied Baggage

Erroneously called “Express Shipment,” unaccompanied baggage transportation is authorized by an expedited mode when necessary to enable the member to carry out assigned duties or to prevent undue hardship to the member and dependents. When an “unaccompanied baggage” shipment is requested and authorized for PCS, unaccompanied baggage will be transported (no furniture items), weight limits apply.

To receive items normally shipped in your unaccompanied baggage to Hawaii on time, you can:

  • Ship the unaccompanied baggage in advance of your arrival so it will be here when you arrive. Note: Unaccompanied baggage does not have a required delivery date like a normal HHG shipment, so shippers are not required to get your unaccompanied baggage delivered by a certain date.
  • Request a “Partial Delivery at Destination” from your local transportation officer. This request must be annotated in Block 13 of your HHG shipment’s Government Bill of Lading prior to shipment. Your transportation officer should inform you to keep these items separate from your HHG shipment and to write the corresponding item number of each line entry on the HHG Descriptive Inventory Form for early partial delivery at your Hawaii destination.

Most overseas HHG shipments are classified Code 4, which requires packers to pack and seal HHG items in wood crates at the pick-up site (your home).

Special Power of Attorney

If you might be deployed during your last60 days at your departing unit or the first 60 days at your new unit, you should get a special power of attorney for your spouse (or designated representative). Call your command’s servicing legal office or talk to your unit XO for more information. Your power of attorney should mention all the actions your spouse might need to do if you get deployed soon after your arrival, such as:

  • Ship and receive HHG.
  • Ship and receive a vehicle.
  • Enter Coast Guard-owned or -leased housing.
  • Collect Temporary Lodging Allowance payments.
  • Set up a bank account.

Arrival at the Airport

Make sure you keep your sponsor, ombudsman and your unit advised of your flight itinerary. All personnel arriving at Honolulu International Airport should be met by their sponsor unless they are continuing to the islands of Hawaii, Maui or Kauai. You and your family (if applicable) should be transported to a previously arranged temporary lodging hotel accommodation. If you have any arrival problems or questions, contact your assigned unit.

Unit Check-in

All members must officially check in on arrival day because all overseas allowances (COLA, BAH, TLA) become effective the date of PCS check-in. If you don’t check in at your unit and with the local housing officer, you (and any dependents) will not be reimbursed for any TLA expenses. In addition to checking in at your unit, unaccompanied members must check in with your unit local housing representative. Call your unit before arriving to confirm check-in procedures.

Arrival Information


Call your unit before arrival to confirm its check-in requirements and Base Housing to complete mandatory housing forms at 808-842-2073.

Arrival Day

Check in to your unit personally. Contact your sponsor or unit about the uniform for reporting aboard.

If unaccompanied and unit provides berthing: Check in to your berthing area. See your unit local housing representative and Base Housing Branch at 808-842-2022/2073.

If unaccompanied and unit does not provide berthing: Obtain temporary Unaccompanied Personnel Housing berthing at the required facility for your specific unit. If UPH berthing is not available, check-in at a TLA-qualified hotel.

If accompanied and government housing was desired and unit is available upon your arrival: Obtain keys from your sponsor. You are immediately moved into the housing straight from the airport and will not be entitled to receive any arrival TLA.

If accompanied and you choose to either reside on the economy or you requested government housing but none is available: Check in to a TLA-qualified hotel. Please make sure that you have signed into your gaining command. This will ensure TLA entitlements have started.

Next Working Day

If accompanied or unaccompanied and you either choose to reside on the economy or you requested government housing but none is available or your unit does not provide permanent UPH, BEQ or BOQ berthing: Check in at the Base Honolulu Housing Office to establish the status of housing availability and receive your housing in-brief. The Base Honolulu Housing Office will assist you in your search for civilian housing, call 808-842-2073.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

The purpose of TLA is to partially reimburse an individual for above-normal expenses incurred:

  • During the occupancy of temporary lodging while awaiting assignment to government quarters or while looking for on-the-economy rental housing.
  • For cost of meals during use of temporary lodging outside the continental U.S.

You must keep all lodging receipts to get reimbursed. The meals and incidentals portion will be paid without receipts. TLA is authorized for the following members when quarters are not available upon arrival:

  • Members with command-sponsored dependents.
  • Unaccompanied members and geographic bachelors if UPH berthing is unavailable.

Verify your TLA eligibility with your new unit and/or the Base Honolulu Transportation officer. Members arriving without their dependents are considered unaccompanied for TLA purposes, even though their tour is designated accompanied. Only 65 percent TLA is authorized for unaccompanied members — whether single or married.

The following expenses incurred during your TLA period are not reimbursable:

  • Cost of boarding pets.
  • Transportation between TLA accommodations and place of duty.
  • Automobile rentals.
  • Package deals or internet packages.
  • Child care and baby-sitting charges.
  • Entertainment expenses.
  • Bar or alcoholic beverages.
  • Telephone calls (official and personal).
  • Tips to maids or bellboys.
  • Valet services.
  • Public or hotel parking.
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