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Purchase of a Home

Purchase of a Home

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A member who is purchasing a home should seek a release from mandatory assignment to government-owned housing. Please contact Base Honolulu Housing at 808-842-2022/2073 for assistance. If approved, they will be allowed to remain in an arrival TLA status not to exceed 30 days, commencing on the date of arrival in Hawaii.

This authorization is contingent on the member:

  • Actively seeking temporary quarters prior to closing.
  • Notifying the AHO, as soon after reporting as possible, of the intention to purchase a home and receiving release from mandatory assignment to CG-owned housing providing Record of Housing Search Forms that indicate an aggressive, diligent search.
  • Promptly providing the Base Honolulu Transportation Office with a copy of each DROA (Deposit, Receipt, Offer and Acceptance document) executed (offer to a seller).
  • Providing the final DROA accepted by a seller to the Base Honolulu Transportation Office.

Once a member receives release from mandatory assignment to CG-owned housing from the AHO, he/she is not required to look at a minimum number of homes for sale in any 10-day period. Delay in completing the purchase of a home is not sufficient reason to justify an extension of arrival TLA, however. Call the Base Honolulu Transportation Office for additional clarification at 808-842-2024/2020.

Note: There are many financial risks associated with purchasing a home; therefore, it is a personal decision. The Coast Guard does not officially endorse home purchases. As with all other major financial decisions, members should seek appropriate advice from real estate, financial and legal experts.

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