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Strike it up and have a ball at our Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam bowling facilities. Whether it’s at the Hickam Bowling Center, Naval Station Bowling Center or the Escape Bowling Center at Wahiawa Annex, each facility offers its own unique atmosphere.

At Naval Station Bowling Center, enjoy one of the sleekest and cleanest bowling centers around. If you are there in the morning, try the best breakfast fried-rice omelet on the island at Harbor Grill. Cosmic bowling also is available.

Hickam Bowling Center features well-maintained lanes, a friendly staff, great special programs and delicious food at Kau Kau Korner.

The Escape Bowling Center at Wahiawa Annex is a modern, six-lane center equipped with the latest Brunswick scoring system. It currently is available by reservation only for special events, parties and command functions.

Each bowling center can customize a party for your next gathering. For kids, bowling party packages can be arranged with a minimum of eight kids. For parties, Naval Station Bowling Center has an Adventure Alley for kids to play in the ball pit and tumble around on the mats. Throughout the year, our bowling centers (excluding ESC) hold morning, afternoon and evening leagues, tournaments and no-tap bowling.

For more information, call:

Hickam Bowling Center 808-448-9959
Naval Station Bowling Center 808-473-2574
The Escape Bowling Alley at Wahiawa Annex 808-473-2651

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