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Legal Assistance

Legal services

Eligibility for Legal Assistance

Eligible beneficiaries include the following:

  1. Members of the armed forces on active duty
  2. Retired personnel
  3. Family members of active duty members and retired personnel, including unremarried former spouses entitled to an identification card.
  4. Reservists and National Guard members on federal active duty pursuant to Title 10, United States Code, and their family members entitled to identification cards.
  5. Reservists and National Guard members not on federal active duty (limited to wills and powers of attorney.
  6. Civil Service employees who are being assigned to overseas locations and family members residing with them who are eligible for an ID card.

Civil Service Employees Eligibility

Civil Service employees at Hill AFB who are being ordered to duty at a deployed, overseas location are eligible for only limited services directly related to the deployment. Those serving overseas and family members residing with them and entitled to an ID card may receive mission-related legal assistance similar to that provided to active duty personnel and their families. Otherwise, civilians are not eligible for legal assistance and notary service.

Types of Services Provided

The Legal Office can provide advice concerning personal, non-business, civil legal problems, including preparation of some legal documents, taxes, and assistance in drafting letters for your signature. We are limited to assisting only those eligible clients with noncommercial, noncriminal matters.

It is imperative that you ask the legal office to review and explain questionable legal documents before you sign them. If you are unable to resolve a problem yourself, it is best to get advice as soon as possible since delay rarely makes things better and the law may limit your remedy if you do not act quickly.

The Legal office is located in Building 1278. For more information call DSN 312-777-6626 or 801-777-6626.

Please remember: Air Force Directives do not permit attorneys to represent you in civil courts.

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