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Weapon Registation

Weapon Registation

People staying in base dormitories or TLFs must store their privately owned weapons in the Security Forces armory, located in Bldg. 90603. Anyone permanently residing in family housing must register any privately owned firearm within 72 hours of arrival to the installation with their unit orderly room. Firearms are defined as a handgun or rifle that fires a projectile. Weapons cannot be stored in privately owned vehicles, nor will they be transported on the installation unless traveling to and from the base firing range or the armory. When transporting a weapon it will be unloaded, in a case or appropriate carrier and ammunition will be stored separately from the weapon. The Security Forces armory can store limited amounts private ammunition. People residing in base housing will ensure all weapons stored in their housing units are secured in an appropriately constructed locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock (i.e., trigger locks) or other safety devices. Ammunition can be stored in a locked drawer of a gun cabinet or stored in a gun safe.

Ammunition not stored in a gun safe will be placed in another location that a reasonable, prudent person would believe to be secure from a child or other unauthorized individual. Call Security Forces Pass & Registration at (850) 884-5233 for more information or to register a firearm.

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