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State of South Carolina

Emergency Management 803-737-8500

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division leads the state’s emergency management program to minimize the loss of life and property from all hazardous events. It handles prevention of and responses to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, thunderstorms, droughts, hazardous material spills, terrorism and more. Visit the department’s website for information on local hazards, emergency shelters and making an emergency plan for your family.

Charleston County

Emergency Management 843-746-3800

Charleston County’s Emergency Management Department provides leadership and assistance to reduce the loss of life and property from a variety of man-made and natural hazards through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The department is responsible for emergency preparedness, homeland security, and hazardous materials planning and emergency response.

An EMD duty officer is on call 24/7 to provide assistance to fire, police and medical agencies that respond to emergencies throughout the county. Visit the department’s website for preparedness information and resources.

Berkeley County

Emergency Preparedness 843-723-3800

Berkeley County’s Emergency Preparedness Department ensures the county is prepared for any and all types of potential disasters. Visit the department’s website for disaster preparedness information.

Dorchester County

Emergency Management 843-832-0341

Dorchester County’s Emergency Management Department is responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from natural or manmade disasters and managing the county Emergency Operations Center during activations. Visit the department’s website for disaster preparedness information.

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