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For information about local airports, train service and public transportation, see the Getting To & Around in San Antonio chapter on Page 62. The closest commercial flights land at San Antonio International Airport. The base does not provide transportation, but taxis are available, and a taxi from the airport to the base will cost about $52.

JBSA-Lackland AFB is in San Antonio’s southwest quadrant. If driving, take Loop 410 West to the Valley Hi/Lackland exit. Turn left on Valley Hi Drive and continue straight to the Airman’s Gate.

Unless otherwise posted, the base speed limit is 30 miles per hour unless passing troops are marching in formation, when it drops to 10 mph. In housing or school areas, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

Lackland strictly enforces its speed limits. Those who speed 15 mph over the posted limit lose base driving privileges for 30 days. Those driving 20 mph over the limit are stripped of base driving privileges for 60 days. Violators cannot operate any motor vehicle on base during their suspensions.


Once arriving at JBSA-Lackland, report to your commander’s support staff to sign in. There you will receive a schedule of required in-processing appointments, including the date you are to attend the Newcomers Orientation briefing, which is mandatory, except for the First Term Airman. The briefing is held every other Wednesday in the Gateway Club from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., though in high PCS months, it is held every Wednesday.

You will turn in your medical and dental records during this orientation. A number of mandatory briefings will be completed that same day.

First Term Airman

All first-term airmen must attend the First Term Airman Center for five days for orientations and briefings. They are not required to attend Newcomers Orientation. Each first-term airman should wear the uniform of the day and bring at least five copies of orders.

Visiting Airmen’s Quarters

Gateway Inn
1750 Femoyer St., Bldg. 10203
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236
Open 24/7

Visiting Officer’s Quarters

Gateway Villa
2435 Larsen St., Bldg. 2435
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236
Open 24/7

Temporary Lodging Facilities — Lackland

4235 Larsen St., Bldg. 2435
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236

JBSA-Lackland has three temporary lodging units on base: Visiting Airmen’s Quarters (Gateway Inn), Visiting Officer’s Quarters (Gateway Villa) and Temporary Lodging Facilities on Larsen Street, plus lodging at Camp Bullis north of San Antonio. To make reservations, call 210-671-4277 or 888-235-6343 or email


Those who are on orders have top priority. If there are no vacancies in the appropriate lodging, the Inns of Lackland have agreements with hotels and motels near the base and downtown to provide temporary housing for those arriving on official travel status. You will still need to check in at the appropriate military lodging facility to get a nonavailability statement.

Availability, Costs, Registration

Lackland’s lodgings stay very busy. Those receiving orders should immediately make reservations with Lackland lodgings. Your sponsor can make reservations for you if you provide a copy of your orders and credit card information. You can register by email or over the phone with central reservations.

Length of Stay (PCS)

The length of stay in temporary lodging is limited to 30 days from September through May. During peak PCS periods, the Inns of Lackland are filled to capacity and stays are confined to 15 days, though it is possible to request an extension. It is important to note that the BAQ is adjusted for every day in Temporary Lodging Facilities in excess of 30 days and that only the first 10 days in temporary lodging are reimbursed.


The main business office is at the Gateway Lodge, 2235 Andrews, Bldg. 7426, room 4104, and is open 24/7. The other business office, at 1750 Femoyer St., Bldg. 10203, is open from 2 to 10 p.m.

Pet Restrictions

If you are traveling with pets, make kennel reservations for them unless you will be staying at a hotel that accepts pets and is expecting yours. There are seven pet friendly rooms in temporary lodgings. Lodging maintains a list of pet-friendly hotels, motels and kennels in San Antonio, and all are within a reasonable distance of the base.

Single Members Lodging

If your sponsor or first sergeant is not able to find you a room in the permanent party dormitories upon arrival, you may be housed in the Visiting Airmen’s Quarters for up to 30 days. Please ask for and sign a statement that no dormitory space was available to you so you can file for reimbursement of temporary lodging expenses.

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