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The 56th Force Support Squadron (FSS) is a diverse organization that provides the Luke Air Force Base community with military and civilian personnel operations; education and force development; child and youth programs; morale, welfare and recreation avenues; and mission-sustaining activities such as lodging, dining, honor guard and personnel readiness. The squadron operates in various locations throughout the base with the command section on the third floor of Bldg. 1150.

Focusing on some key areas, Airman and Family Readiness offers assistance to single Airmen as well as Airmen with families. The programs vary from relocations from elsewhere to transitioning to the civilian workforce.

The Force Development Flight provides educational services to active-duty Airmen as well as programs available to family members and DOD civilians.

The John J. Rhodes Airman Leadership School provides a robust curriculum to prepare senior Airmen for supervisory positions. The First Term Airman Center provides education to newly assigned Airmen to help them transition from a training environment to a mission-ready state.

The Career Assistance Advisor advises leadership on retention issues. The Manpower and Personnel Flight and Civilian Personnel provide human resource services.

The Manpower and Organization Office advises leadership on resource management and provides guidance on managing wing assets. The office also works hand-in-hand with the Wing Operations of Excellence Office providing continuous process improvement training and program/process management.

The 56th FSS is also responsible for enhancing the quality of life for the world’s largest fighter wing by providing mission-supporting recreational, educational and life-sustaining activities. The programs the 56th FSS manages include a collocated club, dining facilities, fitness centers, golf course, library, community and outdoor recreation, youth and child development centers, lodging, mortuary affairs, honor guard, ticket and travel office, print shop, a recreation equipment rental outlet, arts and crafts program, automobile hobby and repairs, and many other quality-of-life programs.

The 56th FSS’s oversight includes exchange and commissary liaison as well as the Fort Tuthill recreation area in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The unit has a website with in-depth descriptions of all its offerings at

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