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Family Child Care (FCC) provides you with alternatives to center-based child care. You can trust your children to the responsible, safe, supportive care that thousands of other Air Force families have discovered — U.S. Air Force Family Child Care. FCC offers in-home care for your children ages 2 weeks to 14 years in on-base housing and civilian communities.

Far from a simple baby-sitting service, FCC providers must meet stringent requirements. They are required to be at least 18 years old; able to speak, read and write English; and be in good mental and physical health. They must pass a comprehensive background check (including family members) and complete an orientation program before licensing.

Additionally, within the first 18 months of licensing, providers must complete 15 Air Force training modules equaling about 60 hours of training. Finally, to ensure your peace of mind, they are required to complete additional training each year, similar to that required of CDC employees.

When you leave your child in an FCC home, you can be sure that it is fully equipped for your child’s physical safety. That’s because the FCC program lends providers important child safety items such as safety gates, first-aid kits, doorknob covers, electrical outlet covers, etc. Home inspections are also conducted unannounced monthly to ensure that every provider is consistently maintaining all safety standards.

FCC is available in civilian communities in off-base affiliated-provider homes. Offering the same standards in safety, developmentally appropriate equipment and individualized attention as on-base settings, these homes meet Air Force standards as well as standards of the state that has child care licensing jurisdiction. Visit for FCC options and availability.

FCC offers numerous programs to assist parents with immediate child care needs.

Give Parents a Break: Qualifying Air Force families are eligible for free childcare provided by the Air Force Aid Society. Call the A&FRC at 623-856-6550 for more information.

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