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Flight Medicine supports the flightline with in-flight and ground emergency response during flying operations. It also provides primary care for aircrews and controllers and their families. Flight Medicine is responsible for flying and nonflying exams, all occupational health exams and preventive health assessments for personnel assigned to their team. Force Health Management, the Preventive Health Assessment Clinic, the Medical Standards Management Element and the Family Medicine Clinic manage all other physical exams.

The Flight Medicine Clinic is in Building 810, between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline. Call 623-856-CARE (2273) for more information.

Medical Standards Management Element

The Medical Standards Management Element (MSME) is responsible for processing retraining, overseas clearance (active-duty Air Force members only), special duties, profiles (469 or 422), security clearances and PME 422s. Call 623-856-9874 or 623-856-7986 for more information. MSME is in Building 810.

Health and Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) is dedicated to prevention and health enhancement. It provides a number of prevention programs to active-duty personnel, dependents, retirees, civilian and contract workers. Classes include weight management, prenatal fitness and nutrition. A tobacco-cessation program is also offered, and smoking-cessation products are available to TRICARE beneficiaries from the Luke Air Force Base Pharmacy.

Appointments for tobacco cessation can be made by calling the HAWC line. Individual nutrition and fitness counseling is available from a dietitian and diet technician or an exercise physiologist. An on-staff massage therapist is available for appointments for a fee, and a variety of health and nutrition information is available free of charge.

Interested individuals should call the HAWC at 623-856-3830 for more information or to make an appointment for classes.

Bioenvironmental Engineering

Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) provides industrial hygiene support to the entire base, including workplace surveillance, air and noise sampling, and radiation safety. BE monitors the base drinking water and provides consultation on environmental health concerns such as indoor air quality, mold, asbestos and lead-based paint. BE fit-tests base personnel for workplace respirators and gas masks for deployment. BE has an entire suite of detection equipment and the capability to respond to many base emergencies involving HAZMAT and CBRNE threats.

The BE office is in Building 810, between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline. For more information, call 623-856-7521.

Public Health Flight

Public Health Flight provides preventive medicine services including Community Health, Occupational Health and Force Health Management programs for Luke Air Force Base.

The Community Health element monitors disease trends, provides vector surveillance, inspects food service and public facilities, and presents preventive health education and immunization recommendations.

The Occupational Health element conducts hearing examinations and education for industrial personnel enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program.

The Occupational Health element is in Building 810 between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline and can be reached at 623-856-3111.

The Force Health Management element oversees the deployment health program, including pre- and post-deployment medical processing. Force Health Management provides preventive health and immunization recommendations for leisure travel as well. The element grants 56th FW units access to the Aeromedical Services Information Management Systems website in order to monitor their unit’s Individual Medical Readiness rate.

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