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TRICARE was implemented at Malmstrom on April 1, 1997. TRICARE offers two options: TRICARE Select and TRICARE Prime.

TRICARE Select is a fee-for-service option. It is the most costly option but offers the most providers to choose from. Beneficiaries who choose this option will not be eligible to be seen by a Malmstrom Clinic provider but will be able to use the clinic’s pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services. Select enrollees may obtain care from any TRICARE-authorized provider without a referral or authorization. Enrollees who obtain services from TRICARE network providers will pay lower cost-share amounts for in-network care.

TRICARE Prime is similar to civilian health maintenance organizations (HMO). The military treatment facility is the heart of the HMO, augmented by a network of civilian specialty physicians. Beneficiaries who choose this option are assigned a primary care manager at the Malmstrom Clinic or a civilian provider who has agreed to be a primary care manager.

For more information about TRICARE at Malmstrom, visit at or call 844-866-9378.


The Family Advocacy Program has three components: Maltreatment, Outreach and Prevention, and the New Parent Support Program. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


Family advocacy prevention programs are based on the concept that it is better to provide programs and services before problems occur.

The goals of the outreach and prevention programs are to keep Air Force families healthy and to conceptualize the Air Force surgeon general’s vision of “Building Healthy Communities.” Our programs are designed to address issues that are common to military families. In addition, outreach and prevention programs identify and provide assistance to families in need of special services. Pregnant or parenting teens, single parents, families with exceptional family members, new parents, newlyweds and families experiencing duty-related separations are examples of populations that may be targeted for special programs and services.

The Malmstrom Family Advocacy Program has two major program areas that emphasize “putting prevention into practice.” This includes the New Parent Support Program and Outreach Program. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


The Family Advocacy nurse, a registered nurse, provides education, training, guidance and support to new parents. These services are offered to the family beginning in the prenatal period and continuing through the first three years of the child’s life. The program assists new parents through office visits, doctor or WIC visits, hospital visits, home visits and group settings.

The New Parent Support Program’s services for families with children 3 years old and younger consist of a licensed clinical social worker, a registered nurse and a Family Advocacy Program assistant. They make home visits to provide education, information and support to families. This is accomplished through interaction, communication and demonstration of parenting skills, as well as couple’s communication. They assist families experiencing a variety of stressful situations such as being a single parent, adjusting to a new family member, dealing with duty separations, and parenting difficult children and teens. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


The main goals of the Outreach Program are to promote family wellness and cohesion; to enhance family life management, problem- solving and interpersonal relationship skills; to heighten community understanding of abuse and ways to address it; and to identify community resources by promoting and developing community partnerships and building community resilience. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


FAST services for eligible families include psychosocial assessments of identified clients at risk for family maltreatment. These families will be provided information, referral services, crisis intervention, brief and short-term therapy, and supportive interventions in helping them function constructively and reducing the potential for physical and emotional maltreatment. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


This Family Advocacy Program deals with child abuse, spousal abuse and neglect in the Air Force. It was created to help identify abuse problems in the Air Force community and to help those families get the assistance and protection they need.

In addition to assisting married couples with receiving protection, unmarried intimates are also eligible for services. An unmarried intimate is defined by the DOD as “a former spouse, with whom the victim shares a child in common, or a person with whom the victim shares or has shared a common domicile.” Maltreatment referrals involving unmarried intimates, where at least one partner is active-duty military, can be brought to the attention of the Family Advocacy Program.

In the Air Force, stressors on family life can be great. Long separations, frequent transfers, lack of choice in job placement, authoritative management styles and high-risk jobs are some of the service-induced stressors that separate families from support systems. This, in turn, places pressure on service members and their families. These factors and other service- and nonservice-induced stressors create pressures that may erupt in physical violence, emotional abuse or neglect within the family. It is, therefore, the goal of the Family Advocacy Program to successfully reach all Air Force families to prevent maltreatment.

However, when abuse or neglect is reported, the Family Advocacy treatment manager must intervene. Additionally, the Family Advocacy Program is instrumental as an educational and referral source to help parents who are having difficulties in parenting their children. A close liaison with off-base agencies, as well as specialized classes, has been established to help these families. For more information, call 406-731-2161.


As part of the 341st Medical Group, Health Promotions’ mission is to strengthen the combat capability of Malmstrom Air Force Base by maximizing the human weapon system through lifestyle management that is delivered by a highly trained, well-equipped fit team. This high-quality, evidence-based health care is delivered through a partnership with our clinical colleagues and is aimed at improving quality of life. Health Promotions presents these essential elements of a healthy lifestyle by providing health and fitness assessments, tobacco cessation opportunities, nutritional counseling, gait analysis and exercise prescription. For more information regarding the HP services available to you, call 406-731-4292.


The dental clinic provides routine dental care to all assigned active-duty members Monday through Friday. Active-duty readiness is the primary focus and mission of the dental flight. Priorities of care are active-duty personnel in dental class three or four, rated personnel, mobility personnel, active-duty personnel identified for remote or GSU duty, and all other active-duty personnel. Non active-duty beneficiaries may receive emergent care only until stabilized and appointed with their civilian dentist.

A dentist is on call 24/7 and can be accessed after hours utilizing the medical group’s answering service at 406-731-4MED (4633).

Family members are encouraged to enroll in the TRICARE active-duty family member dental plan. Those enrolled in this program receive care from an accepting civilian dentist of their choice. The family member dental insurance program covers most dental procedures. The dental clinic may be reached at 406-731-2511.


The Malmstrom Spouses’ Club is open to all active-duty officer, enlisted and retired military spouses. The mission of the MSC is to raise money for select charities, including college scholarships, and to provide a social organization for spouses. It has a monthly social meeting in addition to many mini groups (i.e., book club, dinner club, bunco, mahjong and wine club) that meet throughout the month. There are many ways to get involved. If you would like information on becoming a member, email the membership chair at


The Thrift and Consignment Store is open to all active duty and retired military members and their families, as well as DOD employees. It is a great place to find bargains on gently used furniture and electronics, children’s items, housewares, clothing and much more. Stock at the store changes daily. Volunteers from the Malmstrom Spouses’ Club and base community staff the store and profits are given to MSC-supported scholarships. The store is in Building 581 on Goddard Avenue. For more information, visit


The Airman’s Attic is a great place to give or to get great, usable household and baby items as well as clothing at no charge. It is open for enlisted members E-6 and below noon to 4 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. The Airman’s Attic is located in Building 4000. For more information, visit

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