Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island Community

Port Royal, South Carolina




Both Parris Island and the Naval Hospital’s closest neighboring community is the town of Port Royal. Located just outside the main gate of each installation and on both sides of Battery Creek, Port Royal is the home of many federal employees, both military and civilian. While much emphasis is placed these days on being new and improved, Port Royal has positioned itself as a traditional neighborhood community that believes in doing it “the old fashioned way.”


Charm and a sense of history combine to make this a town whose roots are firmly planted in the settlements of the early 1500s when the Spanish explorer Pedro de Quexos first set foot on Port Royal. The first English settlers arrived in 1670 and permanent settlers made Port Royal home in 1711. Early in the 1900s, Port Royal was the stopping point for Marine Recruits bound for Parris Island. At the port of Port Royal, recruits departed trains, boarded vessels and sailed across the Beaufort River to Parris Island where their training commenced.


Today, Port Royal is preserving its Southern past while moving forward into the 21st century. The town core is being revitalized, promoting walking neighborhoods where families interact with one another in a friendly, casual lifestyle. Many new homes in the core district of town have been built close to each other, incorporating back alleyways to encourage a sense of neighborliness. One community even includes a porch swing with each house they sell. Various home developments have been strategically placed in and around pleasant vistas and curious attractions.


Town planners have in recent years incorporated wide sidewalks to encourage early evening walks and foster a diminishing dependence on automobiles. Walking trails and parks located throughout provide for leisurely recreation. For in-line skaters, Live Oak Park on Paris Avenue offers a roller hockey rink. Located near downtown Port Royal is “The Sands,” which is the site of the annual July 4th celebration and fireworks display. A favorite spot for many residents, The Sands provides a scenic view of the Beaufort River in a beach-type setting. The commercial district has been encouraged to develop near the residential areas to allow quick and easy access to restaurants, shops and other amenities without getting into the car and driving. Meeting your spiritual needs, Port Royal is the home of many churches of various faiths. An emphasis on the arts and cultural activities may be found at “The Shed.” The Shed comes alive almost daily with high-energetic performance and stellar family-style entertainment. It is a not-for-profit art center, operated by Artistic Pursuits, Inc., that features theatre, dance, music and art shows. A tour of Port Royal is available in cyberspace by visiting our Internet address at or for more information, e-mail us at or call 986-2214. In-town residents are required to recycle. Recycling bins are available at Port Royal Town Hall for $10.00.


Area Housing


Whether you are looking to purchase or rent, Port Royal offers a variety of housing options. There are single and duplex homes for sale or rent, nine apartment and condominium complexes, or several mobile home villages to choose from. Only a few minutes drive to Parris Island or the Naval Hospital and an approximately    15- to 20-minute drive to MCAS Beaufort.






Local telephone service is provided by Sprint United Telephone System–S.E. You have a choice of selecting your long distance carrier. Deposit, if required, to start service normally ranges from $50 to $200. There is also a service connection charge, which varies based upon service needs. For more information, call 522-9404.


Electric and Gas


Services may be purchased from:


South Carolina Electric
and Gas Co. (SCE&G)………. 525-7700


Toll Free………………… (800) 257-7234


108 Robert Smalls Parkway


P.O. Box 1168


Beaufort, SC 29901-1168


The standard deposit to start new service is $150. SCE&G requires 24-hour advance notice to start or stop service and does not
provide this service on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.


Water and Sewer


The Town of Port Royal provides this service to in-town residents and some out-of-town residents. Service fees to start water service range from $30 to $55. Water and sewer service fees range from $40 to $65. For more information, contact:


Port Royal Water Department986-2211


700 Paris Ave.


P.O. Box 9


Port Royal, SC 29935 0009


Cable TV


Charter Communications. (800) 955-7766


60 Robert Smalls Parkway


Beaufort, SC 29006


U.S. Cable TV…………………. 522-0784


Beaufort, SC 29902


COMCAST Cable……………….. 522-1341


Beaufort, SC 29904


Hargray Cable…………………. 379-9000


130 Robert Smalls Parkway


Beaufort, SC 29006




Several elementary, middle and high schools serve the Town. Port Royal Elementary is the only school located within town limits. Serving pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, Port Royal Elementary is on a year-round calendar with multi-age classrooms. For more information:


Port Royal Elementary School525-4300


1214 Paris Ave.


Port Royal, SC 29935


Private and parochial schools are also available. Contact the headmaster of each for specific information.


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