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Bachelor Housing

All single personnel arriving under permanent change of station orders should contact the Billeting Office, Building 4312, after checking in to the air station. Service members of all ranks are normally assigned temporary rooms in one of the air station’s transient barracks. After unit assignment, E-5s and below will be given permanent rooms. Staff NCOs and officers will normally be required to obtain housing in the local community.

The size and floor plans of barracks rooms vary, depending on the service member’s rank and unit. All barracks rooms are cable-ready, equipped with a refrigerator and have outside phone line accessing. Off-station phone service can be ordered by calling 800-893-2018. Reservations can be made 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling 858-577-4233/4235. Space availability, including personnel on transient orders, begins at 3 p.m. daily. For more information, call 858-577-4235.

Temporary Housing

The Miramar Inn offers modern rooms in a convenient location. The inn is located in Building 2516 and is open 24/7. All rooms feature private baths, kitchenettes, access to coin-operated laundry facilities and color televisions with basic cable services. The inn is within walking distance of the exchange, commissary, movie theater and a 50-meter swimming pool.

Department of Defense personnel, family members, retirees and special guests should contact the inn in advance to make reservations by calling 858-271-7111 or 800-628-9466. Please note that the Miramar Inn is not on the DSN system, so on-base callers must dial 99-271-7111.

Off-Station Housing

Housing costs in San Diego are among the highest in the nation, and military personnel often experience long waits for military family housing. Civilian referral services are available through the housing office, 619-556-9610.

Helpful information when making housing decisions can be found on the Internet at or, both of which provide additional information on a variety of San Diego issues.

Military Family Housing

San Diego military family housing falls under the jurisdiction of the commander of Naval Bases San Diego and is scattered throughout the county. Currently, there are 26 Navy and Marine Corps military family housing areas around San Diego. Additional housing units are being acquired through leases, acquisition of existing structures, public-private ventures and expansion through construction.

When filing for government housing, service members must choose a specific property’s waiting list on which to be placed. The length of the waiting list for any specific housing area depends on a number of factors, such as location, current renovations and the ranks allowed in the area. The average waiting period is 6 to 36 months.

Service members can obtain housing application by submitting a transfer order copy, DEERS information (DD Form 1172) with a local housing application or DD Form 1746 (application for assignment to housing) showing detachment date. Applications can be submitted in person, faxed or mailed to the housing office. Submissions by mail or fax should be confirmed within 30 days of arrival.

A housing referral package is available upon request by calling 619-556-8443 or by writing to:


Commander Naval Bases (Code N7)

P.O. Box 368114

Military Family Housing

2625 LeHardy St.

San Diego, CA 92136-5182

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