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Working together: San Diego and the Marine Corps form a greater understanding

Working together: San Diego and the Marine Corps form a greater understanding

A mutual drive to promote a more progressive San Diego region, the city of San Diego and Marine Corps Installations Command signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Feb. 21.

The MOU emphasizes the partnership between San Diego and the Marine Corps working toward new “Smart City” technology such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), renewable energy and the city’s “Get It Done” application. As an ever evolving society, it is essential that the community of Marine Corps Air Stations Miramar and San Diego continues to grow and lead the way in technological developments.

In 2015, National Geographic named the city of San Diego as one of the “World Smart Cities.” The city implemented programs that promoted technological growth such as city operations, customer service and public safety. San Diego strives to improve upon these areas for the betterment of the surrounding community.

“The word Smart City’ is a general term that describes a city pushing boundaries in technological development,” said Lt. Col. Brandon Newell, installation-werX West coast lead. “We look at examples of these technological advancement that vary from 5G LTE (Long Term Evolution), larger bandwidth, drones, and everything in between.”

In the past, the city of San Diego and MCAS Miramar have led the way in technology innovation including: UAS testing, autonomous vehicles-testing, Lime Bikes, smart stop lights, energy and water conservation efforts, safety advancements and many more cutting edge improvements in technology. This partnership gives multiple orgnaizations access to test their technology within the base.

The signing of the MOU sends signals that both organizations are committed to working together, said Newell. It is an aspiring goal that lets the residents of MCAS Miramar and San Diego know the two partners intend to find new areas of advancement to improve.

There will be regularly scheduled meetings between the city of San Diego and the Marine Corps to discuss and review ongoing projects, and identify new areas for collaboration for the “Smart City” as stated in the MOU.

“San Diego and the Marine Corps have a long history of working together and this agreement is a testament to our partnership,” said Maj. Gen Vincent A. Coglianese, commanding general, Marine Corps Installations Command. “Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and the city of San Diego have significant ties with infrastructure, utilities and both see opportunities to partner in developing innovation solutions on resilience, improved services and transportation.”

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