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Marine Corps Installations West-MCB Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Installations West-MCB Camp Pendleton

Major Commands at Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Installations West and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton merged into a single command April 5, 2012. Marine Corps Installations West consists of five Marine Corps bases and stations in the Southwestern United States, including MCB Camp Pendleton, MCAS Camp Pendleton, MCAS Miramar, MCAS Yuma and MCLB Barstow. MCI West also performs various support functions for MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, MWTC Bridgeport and MCRD San Diego. MCI West provides the installation and training infrastructure to enable Marine Corps air and ground forces to develop and sustain operational readiness. To this end, the primary mission is to support training, sustaining and deploying the warfighter and to provide their families with services that enrich their lives.

To remain the nation’s premier expeditionary force in readiness, Marines must train as they fight, with access to interconnected sea, land and air ranges. The varied terrain and climate of the Southwest make it an ideal place to prepare Marines for combat. Forty percent of the Marine Corps’ combat power resides in the Southwest, along with 85 percent of its ground training areas and ranges and 80 percent of its land holdings. Even more significant, 95 percent of Marines train in the region (predominantly California) before deploying overseas.


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