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Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycle Registration

To register a motorcycle aboard the base, personnel must complete the Motorcycle Rider Course (MRC) conducted by the Base Safety Office or have proof of Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)-certified Basic Rider Course (BRC) training provided by nongovernment sources, driver’s license, insurance, registration and a motorcycle endorsement. Following the completion of the MRC, a motorcycle rider’s card (yellow card) will be issued. This card must remain on all personnel anytime they drive their motorcycle. Requirements necessary for automobile registration apply to motorcycles as well.

The following motorcycle safety gear is required on base: safety helmet (DOT-approved minimum); shatter-proof eye protection, goggles or safety shield; full-length, abrasion-resistant trousers; long-sleeve shirt; full-finger gloves; and footwear covering the ankles. The Base Safety Office also offers pamphlets listing current motorcycle safety regulations and laws for the state of California and the base. For more information on the courses, call the Safety Office at 760-725-2897.


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