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2018 Commanding General’s Cup Award Ceremony

2018 Commanding General’s Cup Award Ceremony

Story by Cpl Christian Garcia on 01/04/2019

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO, CALIF. Brigadier Gen. Ryan P. Heritage, commanding general, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and the Western Recruiting Region, presents a trophy to Marines, Sailors and civilians who participated in the Commanding General’s Cup aboard MCRD San Diego, January 3, 2019.
The Commanding General’s Cup is a longstanding tradition aboard MCRD San Diego.
“The CG’s Cup has been an on-going competition here aboard the depot since 1952 and continues to be an opportunity for Marines, Sailors and civilians stationed here to compete in a variety of different events building their camaraderie,” said Heritage.
Soccer, flag football and golf are a few of many events and sports that make up the cup.
“There are a variety of different events built into the competition which runs through an entire year; this allows for a greater number of folks to participate and like most sports the competition can bring out the best in all of us in terms of spirit, team building and desire to win,” said Heritage.
Although the events and sports for the 2018 season are over, there will be upcoming events for base personnel to participate this year.
“As we roll into 2019 I hope more Marines, Sailors and civilians from across the depot will come out and participate, break a sweat, and enjoy some friendly competition,” said Heritage. “Finally, my hat is off to MCCS and their continued support to the program and all of those who participate. They continue to be a valuable resource for all of us.”

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