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Community Impact

Community Impact

Approximately 50,000 retired military members reside within a 50-mile radius of the Depot and hundreds of thousands of former Marines consider the Depot, where they first became Marines, to be their spiritual home base. Depot Marines, sailors and civilians are actively involved in their communities, supporting a wide variety of service organizations and associations. The Depot has educational support programs with several local schools to include Holmes, Lindberg-Schweitzer, and Dewey Elementary Schools and Taft and Montgomery Middle Schools. Working closely with local law enforcement and fire departments, we provide Depot facilities for training and other functions whenever possible. Finally, the Depot’s band and ceremonial details participate in countless patriotic community events.

The Depot has functioned as an economic engine for all of San Diego through the salaries of its employees, operating expenses, and by encouraging tourism. With more than 2,500 local employees the Depot is one of the largest employers in the San Diego region. Local businesses also benefit as newly graduated Marines attract nearly 90,000 visitors to San Diego as friends and families come to see them graduate.

The Depot is also home to one of the three official Marine Corps command museums. Open to the public, the museum greets approximately 172,000 visitors a year. The museum features artifacts and equipment representing the history of the Marine Corps in San Diego. The museum was inaugurated on Nov. 10, 1987, and in 2003 was renamed James L. Day Hall, after the late World War II Medal of Honor recipient and former Depot Commanding General, Maj. Gen. James L. Day. The museum is critical to maintain the historic integrity of the Depot and is supported by the MCRD San Diego Museum Historical Society. Additionally, the volunteers of the Historical Society assist in preserving the legacy of the Corps through teaching tours given to recruits on training day 56, and docent-led tours given to Depot Visitors.

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