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Planning for emergencies

Planning for emergencies

Important Documents/Hand Carry

Emergencies do occur to people while in transit. Before you depart your current installation, ensure you have all your important documents with you. (Too often they end up packed with the household goods.) Examples of important documents are orders, passport (if needed), medical records, sponsor’s name and home/duty numbers, commander’s name and duty number, orderly room number.

Disaster/American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is always available for emergency aid anywhere in the US. They can be contacted by calling 1-877-272-7337. Just contact the nearest Red Cross chapter listed in the local phone directory and explain your emergency. If the Red Cross can’t cover the financial emergency, they have a reciprocal agreement with the Air Force Aid Society to meet your need.

Medical Emergency

Call 911 for emergency medical assistance (danger of loss of life or limb). Emergency care does not require prior TRICARE authorization before treatment. However, you (or a family member on your behalf) should notify your PCM within 24 hours of receiving emergency care. Your PCM’s phone number should be on your TRICARE Prime enrollment card. If you cannot contact your PCM, call your regional contractor. Civilians may have 24-hour nurse consult available through their health care plan, also; check your insurance card, the health plan booklet, or web site.

Financial Assistance/Air Force Aid Society

If you experience an emergency situation during your PCS to Moody, it is advisable to utilize the military emergency relief society first, if possible. Financial assistance is usually in the form of an interest-free loan. If you are near a DOD military installation, you can contact their Aid Society to request financial assistance due to your emergency. Generally, they can provide assistance to meet unforeseen travel and related expenses such as transportation, lodging or the extraordinary costs involved with the permanent change of station (PCS). Moody Air Force Aid Society office can be reached at 229-257-3333.

Casualty Division

In the event of the death of an active duty or retired member, assistance is rendered to the primary/secondary next-of-kin in applying for various AF benefits. They also act as a referral office for social security and Veterans Administration benefits. Moody Casualty office can be reached at 229-257-3265, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., or after hours and weekends (for emergencies) through Command Post at 229-257-3501.

For law enforcement, medical and fire emergencies on base, dial 911. Moody Military Police Helpdesk can be reached at 229-257-3108. For Fire Prevention non-emergency questions call 229-257-4410.


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