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2000 Opelousas Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70114

Marine Corps Support Facility in New Orleans contains the tenant commands of Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North.


Marine Forces Reserve is ready to AUGMENT, REINFORCE AND SUPPORT and are always prepared for the fight tonight.

The Marine Forces Reserve augments and reinforces active Marine forces in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations, provides personnel and operational tempo relief for the active forces in peacetime and provides service to the community. It remains an integral part of the Total Force Marine Corps and continues to maintain a high level of operational experience as it serves side-by-side with its active component counterparts. MARFORRES staff will be trained and educated to the highest levels, provide rapid response when called upon and be ever-ready to alleviate the intense personnel and operational tempo of active forces in peacetime.

MARFORRES has four major subordinate commands:

  • 4th Marine Division prepares and provides capable ground combat element units as a sustainable and ready operational Reserve to augment and reinforce the active component with force for employment across the full range of military operations.
  • 4th Marine Aircraft Wing provides the immediate and sustained augmentation and reinforcement of the active component with an operational Reserve wing under a total force construct.
  • 4th Marine Logistics Group serves as the intermediate logistics provider to MARFORRES to field and provide ready augmentation and reinforcement capabilities to gaining forces, and support other missions as directed.
  • Force Headquarters Group provides command and control of force-level Selected Marine Corps Reserve units and the Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity, in delegated support of Commander, MARFORRES’s mission to provide Reserve component units and individuals to augment and reinforce active forces for employment across the full spectrum of crises and global engagement.


Marine Forces North executes antiterrorism program and force protection responsibilities, plans for the use of USMC Forces and advises on the proper employment of USMC Forces, and coordinates with and supports USMC Forces when attached to USNORTHCOM within USNORTHCOM’S area of responsibility in order to conduct homeland defense operations and provide defense support to civil authorities.


Since Nov. 10, 1775, precision and adaptability have been the hallmarks of all Marine Corps units. The Marine Forces Reserve Band in New Orleans is no different. The band is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing America with a glimpse of the Marine Corps’ proficiency and versatility.

Marine Forces Reserve Band was established Oct. 1, 1978. Under the operational control of the commanding general, Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North, the unit has an authorized strength of 50 active-duty Marines stationed aboard the Marine Corps Support Facility in New Orleans. The band supports all units of the 4th Marine Logistics Group, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Division and Force Headquarters Group. Additionally, these Marines are often called upon to perform in support of Marine Corps Recruiting Command initiatives and community relations

The band is composed of a ceremonial and concert band, jazz combo, and brass and woodwind quintets. Each year, the musicians of the band travel throughout the United States entertaining more than 6 million people as they perform in more than 280 concerts, parades and ceremonies. The members of the band are basically trained riflemen, fulfill all annual Marine Corps physical and combat fitness requirements, participate in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and, when directed by the commanding general, serve as part of a security element in conflicts and exercises around the globe. There are several members of the current ensemble who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The band is proud to be located in the historically and culturally significant city of New Orleans. It frequently performs in a variety of local events and, when they travel throughout the country, they take every opportunity to share the spirit of the Big Easy with its audiences.

For additional information on the Marine Forces Reserve Band or to request the band, visit or or call 504-697-7845.

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