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425 O’Bannon St.

New Orleans, LA 70114

The mission of the New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is to educate high school students, regardless of background or previous school experience, to fully achieve their personal and academic potential through the acquisition of core knowledge and the skills of analysis, problem-solving, communication and global responsibility.

The Military and Maritime Academy provides an educational environment based on a model of self-discipline that fosters positive behavior, builds self-esteem, instills personal responsibility, creates accountability and teaches ethical decision-making. The academy provides a safe and effective learning institution with a learning environment that is conducive to the educational and overall well-being of students.

The academy engages student cadets in learning experiences and activities that will enable them to exceed Louisiana state academic goals and tests and to prepare them for postsecondary education. The academy develops and improves student cadet skills in the areas of leadership, citizenship, character development, self-discipline, communication, group dynamics, team building and related areas. The academy structures the educational experience so that that student cadets gain the ability to think logically and to communicate effectively.

Academic Philosophy

The New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy believes that the purpose of education is the development of skills, concepts, knowledge, processes and attitudes necessary for students to become responsible, productive citizens. The academy also recognizes the characteristics that are unique to each individual and will provide a process for development and expression of each student’s innate potential and talents.

A standards-based managed curriculum model ensures that graduates receive the learning experiences necessary to develop those skills and qualities essential to success in higher education and in the workplace. NOMMA provides a college preparatory curriculum. The curriculum is focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and NOMMA offers four Jump Start graduation pathways in the fields of cyber engineering, maritime, business management and digital media. Jump Start is Louisiana’s program for career and technical education designed to allow students to attain industry-valued credentials in order to graduate with a career diploma; the program prepares students to continue their education after high school while earning certifications in high-demand industry sectors.

The model is based on the following beliefs:

  • All students are capable of achieving at higher levels in learning core academic knowledge provided by formal schooling.
  • Schools, in partnership with parents and the community, have the responsibility of controlling the conditions of success.
  • Schools can maximize the learning environment for all students through explicit and clear objectives, high expectations for all students and a continuous, balanced assessment of student learning.
  • The instructional process can be adapted to improve learning.
  • Successful student learning must be based on providing meaningful experiences to ensure maximum student achievement.
Marine Corps Junior Reserve
Officer Training Corps

All students at NOMMA participate in the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC) forming the Corps of Cadets. This mandatory program continues throughout their time at NOMMA, creating a unique and structured learning opportunity for highly motivated students who desire a distinctive educational experience. Established by the National Defense Act of 1916 and expanded by Congress in 1964, the JROTC program operates within a disciplined military framework to train student cadets in leadership and motivational skills that will serve them during their school years and throughout their lives.

For more information, visit or call 504-227-3810. The academy is on the Westbank of New Orleans aboard Federal City and serves grades nine through 12.


Navy Federal Credit Union has one location in the New Orleans (Westbank) area to serve you. It is in the main parking facility in Federal City Town Center (next to the Marine Corps Support Facility) at 501 O’Bannon St., Suite 110, New Orleans. To reach NFCU, call 888-842-6328.


The Greater New Orleans Council of the Navy League was founded in 1949. The Navy League has three missions: to enhance the morale of active-duty personnel and their families; to inform Congress and the American public about the importance of strong sea services; and to support youth through the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Navy Junior ROTC.

Membership is open to those not currently serving on active duty. Reservists must suspend their membership each year if returning to active duty. Spouses and family members of active-duty members are eligible. No prior military service is required to be a member of the Navy League.

The Navy League is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and advocacy organization that supports America’s sea services — the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and United States-flag Merchant Marine. The Navy League is a military service organization, rather than a veterans’ organization, and its members are trusted civilian partners of the sea services, supporting their mission, their personnel and their families.

For more information and to join the Navy League or to participate in their activities, call 504-522-8946 or email

For information on the two Naval Sea Cadet Corps squadrons in the New Orleans area, email or call the Navy League office.

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