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Fleet & Family Support Center

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Located in Building V-4058 on Sigsbee Road, the Fleet & Family Support Center provides programs and counseling to support individual and family readiness to active-duty and retired military members and their dependents. The FFSC is open five days a week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The FFSC has a computer lab and resource room available to work on your resume, job search or conduct other personal business at no cost to eligible customers. The talented and friendly staff is always willing and able to assist with your needs. For more information about the programs and services offered by the FFSC, call 305-293-4408.

  • Mobility and Deployment Assistance. Services designed to help you adjust to all phases of the deployment cycle.
  • Ombudsman Program. Learn how to get in touch with your command ombudsman or learn about becoming the liaison between the command and the families for your unit.
  • Relocation Assistance Program. Information, education and referrals to help with questions related to permanent-change-of-station moves such as moving costs, housing options, child care, spouse employment opportunities, schools, community orientation and much more.
  • Personal Financial Management. Services that provide tools and information to help you achieve financial goals and address financial challenges. Topics include consumer education, budgeting and debt liquidation, retirement planning, and savings and investment counseling.
  • Spouse Education and Career Services. Services include career exploration opportunities, education and training, employment readiness assistance and employment connections.
  • Family Life Education. Education and enrichment services that focus on helping families build and maintain healthy relationships and strengthen problem-solving skills. These can consist of anger management, suicide awareness, communication, managing stress and parenting classes.
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention and Response Services. Education, support services and treatment to help promote healthy and safe intimate relationships, reduce the occurrence of domestic abuse and address domestic abuse when it occurs.
  • Child-Abuse Prevention and Response Services. Services that help promote positive parent-child relationships and prevent child abuse, and address abuse when it occurs.
  • Nonmedical Individual and Family Counseling. Short-term, solution-focused, nonmedical counseling services address topics related to personal growth and positive functioning. This can be done in an individual format as well as family and couple format.
  • Transition Assistance Management Program. Services that prepare separating service members and their families to re-enter civilian life.
  • Information and Referral. Information designed to help you become familiar with and access the range of services available through the FRS.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. Provides support and resources necessary for rebuilding one’s life after a sexual assault. Services include assistance in seeking medical, legal and therapeutic treatment.
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