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NAS Fort Worth JRB breaks ground on nearly $15 million, airfield renovations

NAS Fort Worth JRB breaks ground on nearly $15 million, airfield renovations

Story by Candateshia Pafford on 02/05/2019

FORT WORTH, TX (Feb. 5, 2018) Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base broke-ground on a nearly $15 million airfield lighting infrastructure project Feb. 1, 2019 at the installation.

Congresswoman Kay Granger and Councilman Dennis Shingleton stop by the base to participate in the ceremony, along with members from Carothers Construction, Inc., and EAS Contraction, Inc.

NAS Fort Worth JRB airfield was originally constructed in 1942. Lt. Cmdr. Joshua Turner, public works officer for NAS Fort Worth JRB, said that over time, the installation has aged and has begun to corrode in place.

“Fortunately, thanks to the American taxpayer and their faithful dedication, we were able to award nearly 12 million dollars to Carothers Construction, based out of Mississippi to renovate our airfield” said Turner.

Jokily, Turner continued, “Since no one knows better how to work on a Texas base but a Texan, (Carothers) hired Edward Airfield Services, out of Princeton, Texas to do most of the work.”

Capt. Jon Townsend, installation commander, said the project will begin with demolition, replacement, and various repairs of airfield lighting, electrical, control systems, and signage. The project will also include repair and replacement of above and below ground electrical infrastructure, and repaving and painting of a portion of the runway.

“This base is so important,” said Granger, “the mission of what (the base) does is so important to the nation.”

To the people that live and work around NAS Fort Worth JRB “this is our base,” said Granger, “and we really support this.”

NAS Fort Worth JRB support over 24,000 flights annually, and Lockheed Martin, who shares the runway with the installation, is reaching peak production of the F-35.

Cmdr. Patrick Coffey, operations officer, said usually airfield renovations require shutting down the airfield, but Public Works, Air Operations and Carothers collaborated to produce innovative solutions to keep the airfield operational during the renovation.

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