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Inprocessing Procedures

Your command will see to it that Admin provides you with a Welcome-Aboard-Package. It will contain area information as well as the name and phone number of your sponsor.

NAS Kingsville does not have a Personnel Support Activity on board the installation. Check-in processing is handled through your command or activity administrative office at NAS Kingsville. Personnel reporting aboard to the NAS Kingsville command may check-in at the Administrative Office (Bldg. 2740, 3rd floor) during normal working hours Monday through Friday (7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). After normal working hours, new arrivals should contact the Command Duty Officer by calling: 361-218-7182. Training Air Wing TWO personnel (including Student Aviators) and other tenant activities personnel will complete the check-in process through their respective commands. TW-2 student aviators will report to Student Control, Bldg. 2741, TW-2 Headquarters Bldg. Remember to keep your Sponsor informed of when you intend to report aboard so that he or she can ensure that your arrival and check-in goes smoothly. If you do not have a sponsor assigned, please contact the NAS Kingsville Command Master Chief at (361) 516-6495 (DSN 876-6495)

If you are arriving in the local area by commercial transportation, contact the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at 361-218-7182 for transportation to the station. If the CDO reports military transportation is not available from Corpus Christi International Airport, a taxi to Kingsville will cost approximately $99.00 and is reimbursable on your PCS travel claim.

Remember to keep your Sponsor informed of when you intend to report aboard so that he or she can ensure that your arrival and check-in goes smoothly.

Travel Planning

On base resources consists of the Combined Bachelor Quarters/CBQ/BOQ/BEQ for personnel and their families who are arriving or preparing to depart on PCS orders. Stays are limited to 30 days for in-bound and 10 days for out-bound. Call the CBQ at 361-516-6321 for reservations and questions.

The CBQ doesn’t provide kennels so please call the Fleet and Family Support Center ahead of time for community resources.

What to do if you get Married enroute

If you get married before, or while enroute to your next duty station, you must inform your commander/OIC and follow their procedures. The military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures. The same goes for moving your household goods to your new duty assignment. You must have prior approval from the Military Transportation Office. You can contact the NAS Kingsville Personal Property Office at 361-516-6289 if you have any questions. If you are a student and get married in route do not bring your spouse with you, you won’t receive any compensation, to or from, NAS Kingsville for moving your spouse unless they are included in the PCS paperwork.

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