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Air Operations

Air Operations

The Air Operations Department of NAS Lemoore is housed in Building 1 and is tasked with providing administrative and operational support for Air Traffic Control, Fuels, Field Support and Ground Electronics Maintenance.

The Air Traffic Control facility at NAS Lemoore is the largest operation of its type in the Navy. The facility has jurisdiction of more than 11,500 cubic miles of airspace from the surface to 23,000 feet. It annually controls more than 250,000 military and civilian flight operations.

The Fuels Division assists in maintaining a high degree of fleet readiness by providing quality aircraft services and effectively operating and maintaining fuel storage and distribution at an average rate of 3.5 million gallons a month. Fuels Division also provides liquid oxygen and nitrogen service. In addition, Fuels Division provides passenger, cargo and transient line aircraft services, annually handling more than 650,000 pounds of baggage and 15,000 passengers.

Field Support provides 15 fleet squadrons and two fleet replacement squadrons with FOD-free runways and arresting gear for aircraft emergencies. They also maintain the optical landing system used by pilots for Field Carrier Landing Practice.

Ground Electronics Maintenance ensures the completion of preventative maintenance and repair of NAS Lemoore’s navigation, radar, weather and communications equipment. Ground Electronics also provides spectrum and frequency management.


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