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Center for Personal and Professional Development

Center for Personal and Professional Development

The Center for Personal and Professional Development at NAS Lemoore was established in 2002 to support the CNO-directed “Revolution in Training,” which focuses on the continuous personal development of Sailors throughout their careers.

On May 30, 2008, the Center for Naval Leadership merged with Center for Personal and Professional Development. This new organization increases efficiencies and serves as the central authority for U.S. Navy training for leadership, professional and personal development training, and support.

By providing the best tools, opportunities and solutions in conjunction with the most effective training delivery, we foster an environment where every member of the Navy community can achieve their maximum potential.

The Center for Personal and Professional Development’s mission is to develop the Navy’s workforce by providing education and training opportunities that build personal, professional and leadership competencies in support of mission readiness. As a Center of Excellence, CPPD inspires Sailors, their families and DOD personnel to unparalleled levels of personal and professional achievement.


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