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Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville, NAS Meridian Detachment

NAVSUP FLCJ, NAS Meridian Detachment’s director is responsible for the oversight and direction of logistical support to all customers at NAS Meridian. This includes the development of new products and services, as well as maintaining and improving the current services via process improvements. Current services include Warehousing Services, Fuel Operations, HAZMAT/CHRIMP, Household Goods/Personal Property, Official Military Mailroom (Postal) and NAVFAC Purchasing Agents.

Supply Department Contract Surveillance

The Supply Department’s mission is to furnish extensive logistic support to the Naval Air Station and tenant commands. Main Supply, in Building 224, is open 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is a multi-faceted warehouse providing all transportation movement and shipping services. The Contract Surveillance Specialist provides oversight of contract execution and makes payments to the contractor using Wide Area Workflow. Currently, Warehousing Services and the HAZMAT/CHRIMP program is contracted by South Texas Lighthouse of the Blind and the Official Military Mailroom is contracted by NewView Oklahoma. For more information, call 601-679-2904.

Management Analyst

The Management Analyst of the Supply Department assists the site director and various product and services leads in the oversight of costs, customer agreements, customer-focused metrics, process standardization, coordination of higher authority policy applications, tools, systems and processing performance metrics, including productivity measures such as Continuous Process Improvement projects. Administers and executes the detachment budget; reviews the annual business plan; and monitors, analyzes and reconciles financial transactions. Analyzes, identifies and provides justification for unfunded requirements. Creates purchase requests using Navy ERP, and provides oversight of the One Touch Supply System. For more information, call 601-679-2904.


Transportation provides shipping services to the naval air station and tenant activities utilizing air, ground or truck companies for different shipping priorities. ATAC (retrograde) material also is processed to complete the CARCASS cycle. DRMO services provides assistance with material being turned in to the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services through Transportation. Paperwork for the DRMO is either processed by Transportation or the tenants, then items are shipped as useable or nonuseable or staged as “Remain in Place.” For information, call 601-679-2106.

Warehouse/Shipping & Receiving Services

The warehouse section performs supply technical support dealing with multiple supply disciplines to include: warehousing, shipping, receiving, tracking, packaging and crating, technical research, material expediting, stock management, hazardous material certification and transportation of materials. Warehouse Services, in Building 224, is open 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is a multi-faceted warehouse providing all transportation movement and shipping services. Warehouse personnel process material requisitions and receipt documents through One Touch Supply System in accordance with online procedures and reference guides. Initiates, prepares and processes Transportation Discrepancy Reports, Supply Discrepancy Reports, Reports of Discrepancy and Product Quality Deficiency Reports as required. Performs Hazardous Material Certification for shipments, and performs quality control functions over any Hazardous Material Certification performed by contractors on board NAS Meridian, to include ordnance and fuel shipments. The Warehouse Services operation is provided on a contract basis with South Texas Lighthouse of the Blind. In FY15 the Warehouse processed over 5,000 items of DRMS material at a throughput rate of 26 pieces per day. For more information, call 601-679-2380.

Fuel Services

NAS Meridian is a training base with a bulk storage fuel facility that supports two T-45 aircraft training squadrons (VT-7 and VT-9) and transient aircraft. Outlying Field Joe Williams Field falls under NAS Meridian and is 40 miles west. NAS Meridian also acts as a FEMA staging area during disaster relief efforts. The fuel facilities are owned by the Navy, and fuel services are operated by civilian contractor DaeSung/LB&B Associates (DLFMSJV). DLFMSJV has a trained staff of employees and a site manager. It is open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday.

The annual throughput for F-24 fuel is approximately 8,717,129 gallons, GUR 116,532 gallons, and Diesel 24,000 gallons. The three F-24 storage tanks have a total capacity of approximately 3,402,000 USG. Replenishment of these tanks is by underground pipeline. McCain Pipeline is the delivery source and is approximately seven miles from the base. Three 10,000-gallon tanks are at Joe Williams Field, and they are replenished by contracted tanker truck. GUR and Diesel storage tanks are also replenished by tanker truck. NAS Meridian is home to about 84 T-45C aircraft. Flight line refueling services at both NAS Meridian and Joe Williams Field are carried out by the contractor’s mobile refueling trucks that are positioned less than a quarter of a mile from the airfield. There is a fuel-testing laboratory that is capable of conducting all required tests to ensure quality fuel is delivered to aircraft and support equipment. Other products managed by Fuels are Cryogenics in the form of Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen. Fuel Services is vital to the everyday flight operations at NAS Meridian and Joe Williams Field. For more information, call 601-679-3281.

Hazardous Material Minimization Center

Located close to the airfield in Building 99, the HAZMAT Center is open 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The center manages and controls the issue and accountability of all hazardous materials needed to support NAS Meridian, aircraft maintenance activities and tenant activities in addition to resident and nonresident contracts on station. NASMER Instruction 4110.1c outlines the program and specifies basic procedures for proper HAZMAT program execution. The HAZMAT operation is provided by a contract basis with South Texas Lighthouse of the Blind. South Texas Lighthouse of the Blind is an affiliate of the Ability One program, which generates employment and training for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities. For information, call 601-679-3180.

Personal Property and Household Goods Shipments

Located in Building 224, and open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Personal Property and Household Goods Shipments (PP/HHG) provides oversight and assistance to incoming and outgoing service members to ensure their property is moved in a professional and timely manner. PP/HHG assists customers in using for entering information into the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). PP/HHG provides customer assistance through each step of the DPS process:
Step 1, Access & Login;
Step 2, DPS-Self Counseling;
Step 3, Shipment Management; 
Step 4, Customer Satisfaction Survey. PP/HHG also provides assistance for filing a claim for loss or damaged items.
For more information, call 601-679-2622/2004.

Official Military Mailroom Service

The Official Military Mailroom is on the first floor of Administration Building 255. One full-time and one part-time employee provide incoming and outgoing official mail services and local guard mail services for more than 60 departments, tenant commands and contractors on board NAS Meridian. The OMMR provides receipt and consolidated distribution of all official military mail and provides change of address services for all military personnel on station, as well as directory services for mail forwarding. Additionally, the OMMR trains tenant command mail orderlies and issues DD285 Mail cards. In fiscal year 2016, 150,000 pieces of incoming and outgoing mail were processed and over 1,800 pieces of directory mail were successfully forwarded to military personnel who had transferred. During the same year, a savings of $1,500 was achieved by consolidating when possible and using the lowest shipping cost available. For more information, call 601-679-2533.

Purchasing Agent

The purchasing agent provides purchasing facilitation through the use of Government-wide Commercial Purchasing Card (GCPC) for NAVFAC Public Works Department. The purchasing agent creates purchase requests as well as purchase orders within the MAXIMO System, deals and negotiates with a multitude of vendors, and performs monthly reconciliations of all transactions for fiscal soundness. The purchasing agent is in Building 224 of the Main Supply Warehouse during normal business hours from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The purchasing agent supports all aspects of the Public Works Department, to include Base Support Vehicles, Environmental Division, Metals, Utilities & Building Trades, Electrical and HVAC, and the Water Plant. For more information, call 601-679-2010.


ServMart is a self-service store that provides customers with a quick method of obtaining small quantities of high-demand, low-cost administrative and consumable items. The store hours are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and they are in Building 224.

A Government Purchase Card is required to make purchases. ServMart is operated by Ability One and is on a regional contract to provide their services to NAS Meridian. These products are manufactured by organizations that belong to the National Industries for the Blind and National Industries for the Severely Handicapped. The 90 associated nonprofit agencies of NIB employ more than 6,100 hardworking people across America who are blind, who make products and who provide services that make a difference. For information, call 601-679-3147.


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