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Personnel Support Activity Detachment Oceana

NAS Oceana Personnel Support Activity Detachment


PSD Oceana provides one-stop service to its customer commands. The detachment provides military personnel and transportation support to 50 customer commands comprised of more than 80 UICs at NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex and NSA Northwest. Additionally, it provides military pay support to more than 20 deployable aircraft squadrons and air wings aboard NAS Oceana. PSD Oceana provides support to more than 11,000 active-duty personnel.

PSD is in Building 326 at 1161 D Ave. Customer service hours for every section except ID cards are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. ID cards are issued 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number for administration is 757-433-3064.

A separate PSD is available at Dam Neck Annex to service students attending classes at that location (see Dam Neck Annex chapter).

Customer Service

PSD provides numerous services associated with pay account and Electronic Service Record maintenance for enlisted staff members attached to NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex. The phone number for the Customer Service Office is 757-433-2710/3393/2701/3009. Pay account maintenance includes, but is not limited to, processing starts, stops or changes to BAH, BAS, FSA, SDAP, HFP and HDP. Updates to the Electronic Service Record (ESR) and Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) are verified and submitted for update to individual accounts. Updates to the Record of Emergency Data (NAVPERS 1070/602) are accomplished to include adding and removing dependents, address changes, and updating SGLI and death gratuity beneficiaries. See your command PASS coordinator (CPC) to ensure the proper documents are provided for the required service.


The receipts section is responsible for check-in services for all inbound personnel and their families on PCS orders. All personnel must check in with the Personnel Support Detachment within four days of reporting aboard their parent command. Members must check in with an endorsed copy of their PCS orders and all supporting documentation to complete the check-in process. The phone numbers for the receipts section are 757-433-3044/3058/2761/3045/3017.

Family Member ID Cards

ID cards are issued 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number for the ID Office is 757-433-2939/3012/2184. Appointments can be scheduled online at

All family members must have a valid ID card application (DD Form 1172) signed by the sponsor and verified, or the sponsor must be present to have an ID card issued. Military members who have signed an extension of enlistment must not have their Common Access Card (CAC) renewed until the extension becomes operative. If the military member will be deploying or will be on extended TDY involving a contingency operation, the CAC may be issued on the last working day prior to deployment; please present orders.

Two forms of ID are required for anyone over 18. If the sponsor is deployed and a family member loses his/her ID card, PSD/CSD will issue a 90-day temporary card until an application can be obtained from the sponsor’s command, if the sponsor’s information is updated in DEERS. A power of attorney may also be used for signing authority. Every family member 10 years and older must have an identification card to use the military commissaries and exchanges, medical facilities and other support services. Children of single parents and dual military are required to have ID cards.

Educational Service Office

The Educational Service Office (ESO) provides services relating to the Navy-wide Advancement Examination, advancements and awards for active-duty and reserve military members. All active-duty military personnel must check in and check out with ESO for tracking of their worksheet and good conduct award when reporting aboard or transferring to another command. Commands must have a point of contact (POC) registered on the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) website. Time in rate (TIR) eligibility lists for examinations ordering of all ratings and otherpertinent information can be found on Navy Knowledge Online. The Good Conduct Eligibility Report for active-duty members is distributed monthly to command POCs for the issuing of Good Conduct Award certificates. Military members are responsible for verifying their Electronic Service Record (ESR) awards via NSIPS and their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) for accuracy. The phone numbers are 757-433-4119/4364/3060/2737.


PSD provides travel claim processing services to all members attached to NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex. Travel claim settlements and advances are computed and paid for PCS and TAD active-duty and reserve orders. PSD does not process travel claims associated with DTS orders. See your command PASS coordinator (CPC) for submission of travel claims to PSD. The phone number for the Travel Office is 757-433-2994/2613.


The transfer section provides support for all members and families with PCS orders, including but not limited to, obligated service for PCS orders, passports, Family Entry Approvals for OCONUS transfers, passenger reservation requests and advance travel entitlements. Upon receipt of PCS orders, contact your command PASS coordinator (CPC) to receive your transfer package. It is imperative that personnel plan their PCS transfer accordingly and their parent command submits their PCS packages back to PSD within 30 days of receipt in order to comply with the specified requirements and deadlines set forth by the member’s orders and naval instructions. Personnel must notify their respective CPC and PSD immediately when in receipt of any order modifications or cancellations, especially if the transfer packet has already been submitted with an approved transfer date. All personnel must check out with PSD on their approved transfer date. The phone numbers are 757-433-2741/2731/3053/3017.


The transients section is responsible for all receipts, transfers and separations for students, limited duty personnel, FRC SEAOPDET and FTS/reserves personnel assigned to NAS Oceana commands, including the reserve command attached to Dam Neck Annex. Our process is to ensure proper accountability and monitor the movement of transient personnel from and to the fleet. The phone numbers are 757-433-2742/3026/2743.


The separations section is responsible for the processing of all separations, voluntary and involuntary, fleet reserve processing, re-enlistments and extensions of current service. Members must visit PSD no later than 120 days prior to the start of their terminal/separation leave in order to begin processing. The phone numbers are 757-433-3042/­2753/2756/2757/4365.

Officer Records 

The officer records section of PSD processes all paperwork involved in the receipt, transfer, separation and retirement of officer personnel to include those in a transient status on PCS orders. Members must report to officer records to ensure accurate and timely processing and a smooth transition. The phone numbers are 757-433-3042/4122/3046/3048.

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