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Navy Gateway Inns & Suites is your No. 1, award-winning choice for temporary lodging. NGIS creates comfortable guest services for those they serve: today and tomorrow. Call 877-NAVY-BED (628-9233) or visit to make reservations worldwide.

NGIS is the Navy’s official lodging operation, providing quality lodging and hospitality services at the lowest possible cost to active-duty and retired military, reservists and government employees on official travel. NGIS is also available to the same eligible guests on leisure travel, when space permits.

There are two main check-in desks at Dam Neck: in Building 566C and Building 241. The check-in location at Dam Neck is dependent on the room where you are assigned and the day of your arrival.


A Navy Lodge is available at Dam Neck Annex in Building 226 on Regulus Avenue and can be called directly at
757-437-8100. All Navy Lodges offer military families and other authorized patrons clean, comfortable, convenient, oversized rooms and affordable accommodations worldwide while on official travel, permanent change of station orders or vacation. To make a reservation, call 800-628-9466 or visit


PSD Oceana provides one-stop service to its customer commands. All Dam Neck military staff members (officer and enlisted) must in-process within four days at the NAS Oceana location (Building 326 at 1161 D Ave.). That office also supports all their continuing personnel actions such as customer service, records and educational services. However, the PSD has an office established at Dam Neck Annex to process incoming students and issue military and dependent ID cards.

Customer Service Dam Neck

CSD Dam Neck provides pay, personnel and transportation support for all student personnel, both officers and enlisted, active duty and reservists, of NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex tenant commands. The detachment strives to provide the best quality of service for customer commands consisting of nine UICs and approximately 1,200 students per month. CSD Dam Neck is in Building 502, 408 Tartar Ave., Virginia Beach, Virginia. The phone number is 757-492-8550.

Family Member ID Cards

(Dam Neck Annex) — CSD has one ID station that issues ID cards 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The ID station is secured noon to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Online appointments can be scheduled at Walk-ins are welcome and will be taken between appointments, but appointments are highly encouraged. The phone number for the ID office is 757-492-6163.

All family members must have a valid ID card application (DD Form 1172) signed by the sponsor and verifying official or the sponsor must be present to have ID card issued. Military members who have signed an extension of enlistment must not have their CAC renewed until the extension becomes operative. If the military member will be deploying or will be on extended TDY involving a contingency operation the ID may be issued on the last working day prior to deployment; please present orders.

Two forms of ID are required for anyone over 21. If the sponsor is deployed and a family member loses his/her ID card, PSD will issue a 30-day card (90 days with BUPERS approval) until an application can be obtained from the sponsor’s command, if information is updated in DEERS. A power of attorney may also be used for signing authority. Every family member 10 years of age and older must have an identification card to use the military commissaries and exchanges, medical facilities and other support services. Children of single parents and dual military are required to have ID cards.


1960 Terrier Ave.

Building 550, Herndon Hall

Fax 757-492-6485

Commercial 757-492-6824


Hours: 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

After Hours: Go to Building 550, Room 131 (Duty Manager)

The Housing Service Center staff is ready to assist unaccompanied personnel reporting to Dam Neck Annex and will help determine housing eligibility and options. In most cases, units and schools will already have prearranged dormitory room assignments to maintain unit integrity. Eligible incoming personnel should report directly to the unaccompanied housing office for room assignment. Students on per diem orders will be sent to Navy Gateway Inns & Suites in Building 566A, Stethem Hall.

Dam Neck Annex has three dormitory buildings with 497 rooms that include 1,100 beds. They are all fully furnished, to include refrigerator/freezer and microwave. Other amenities include: a laundry facility for each building and lounges that are fully furnished with a flat-screen TV. Wi-Fi is available in all the common areas. Dam Neck is primarily a school command servicing the following two major commands: Training Support Center (TSC) and Center for Information Dominance. (A, C, D and F School) and NMITC (Navy and Marine Intel Schools, A and C).

Additional information on the dormitories, eligibility requirements and geographic bachelor status is contained in the Oceana “Housing” chapter of this guide.

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