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NAS Pensacola Housing: 8 On Base Options
NAS Pensacola Housing: 8 On Base OptionsNAS Pensacola Housing: 8 On Base Options

NAS Pensacola Housing: 8 On Base Options


Naval Air Station Pensacola is located in Escambia County, Florida. It’s home to the Naval Aviation Schools Command and the Blue Angels. Around 24,000 people live and work here, including military personnel and Department of Defense contractors. If you’re just starting out in the Navy, there’s a good chance you’ll get at least some of your training here. Since it’s such a populous base, there are a number of housing options for those who are eligible to live within its borders at NAS Pensacola. Check out some of the options available to you below to find out if there’s something that’s fitting for your individual circumstances.

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NAS Pensacola BAH

NAS Pensacola BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a helpful way for military personnel to afford the cost of living in the surrounding community. BAH is calculated based on a formula that takes your rank and zip code into consideration to send you a monthly stipend to lower your housing expenses. Since you won’t be provided with the amenities you’d have on base, this gives you cash instead to put toward housing. It’s a great way to save on monthly bills and set aside some of your paycheck for the future.

You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search.

To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

NAS Pensacola Barracks

The barracks at Pensacola unaccompanied housing consist of 13 buildings with almost 3,000 rooms. There are a number of amenities available, like athletics courts and fields, game rooms, picnic areas, laundry, and more. The barracks for basic training at Pensacola Corry Station have even more options for entertainment and are located about three miles outside of Pensacola. You’ll have everything you need provided for you in unaccompanied housing. The staff works very hard to ensure that your stay is extremely comfortable.

NAS Pensacola Housing Office

NAS Pensacola Housing Office

The housing office should be the first call you make when you get your PCS to Pensacola. The staff here can help you navigate the challenges of moving. They can tell you about the availability of on-base housing and walk you through your eligibility. They can also help you with storage for large items like furniture while you search for your new home. The staff here have seen it all before and are a wealth of information. Make sure to take advantage of their help so that you can figure out the best options for your individual circumstances.

NAS Pensacola Housing Office
1581 Duncan Road
Bldg. 735
Pensacola, FL 32508
Phone: 1 (850) 452-4412

NAS Pensacola Housing Options

NAS Pensacola Housing Options

On-base housing is managed by NAS Pensacola Homes. You can reach the management office for leasing and other information at 1 (850) 456-3120.

1. Andrew Jackson Court

Ranks: E7-E9

Andrew Jackson Court is an SNCO community with 3.5 bedroom townhouses and single family homes. They come equipped with 2.5 bathrooms, a master suite, central air, a covered patio, and a garage. These homes also have a laundry room inside. They’re stocked with the regular appliances one would expect a home to have, so you won’t have to worry about costly extras while you’re settling in. Garages are attached to all homes as well. There are plenty of community features in this neighborhood, and since it includes a playground, it’s a great family friendly option.

2. Barrancas

Ranks: O1-O6

Barrancas housing at NAS Pensacola is a slightly fancier community with much higher rank requirements. The houses here range from 2-4 bedrooms with 1-4 baths. Only ranks O5 and O6 are eligible for the 4-bedroom floor plans. These homes are gorgeous, inside and out. They’re architecturally interesting and come with luxurious amenities like fireplaces and 3-season porches. They include all of the regular household amenities that Andrew Jackson Court comes with. This is a great place for families, as the area includes multiple playgrounds and is just minutes from the beach.

3. Billingsley

Ranks: O5-O6

Billingsley is another more exclusive community with a whole lot to offer. Homes here come with garages, fireplaces, fenced-in yards, porches, and more. There’s an old-world colonial flare here, with unique architecture that’ll make you feel like you’re living in a historic home. The houses themselves are 4-bedroom floor plans with 3.5 bathrooms.

4. Cabaniss Crescent

Ranks: O1-O4

Cabaniss Crescent is close to all base amenities. Houses here come in 3 and 4-bedroom floor plans with 2 or 2.5 bathrooms. There are lots of outdoor amenities here, including playgrounds and parks, so that you can go for runs or daily walks, or supervise your kids while they play. The houses here have spacious living areas with features like screened-in porches, built-in bookshelves, hardwood floors, and more.

5. Corry Village

Ranks: All

Corry Village is a great place to live for all service members and their families. These 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes are open to all ranks and provide for a solid neighborhood experience where you can get to know people at all levels of the food chain. Living here, you can look forward to a garage, a large backyard, a master suite, and more. The community is close to many base amenities as well, like the commissary, the exchange, and the child development center. Corry Village hosts several playgrounds and courts for getting your workout in outdoors.

6. Lighthouse Terrace

Ranks: All, including DoD contractors

Lighthouse Terrace is an all-inclusive community that’s open for sailors of all ranks as well as civilian contractors, and even the general public when available. The houses here are 2-4 bedrooms and 1.5-2.5 bathrooms. They have patios, yards, and exterior storage sheds. Other amenities include sizable closets, hardwood floors, and white picket fences. Lighthouse Terrace is home to a splash park, which is an ideal rec option for kids and families, as well as its own fitness center.

7. North Avenue

Ranks: O8+

The North Avenue community is very exclusive. It’s a historic neighborhood that offers 4-bedroom floor plans with 3 or 3.5 bathrooms. These are large, roughly 3,000 square foot homes with multiple screened-in porches, ceiling fans, storage sheds, central air, and so much more. This is a great place for lovers of architecture.

8. Old Hospital

Ranks: O1-O9

Old Hospital floor plans range from 2-4 bedrooms and 1-3 bathrooms. Close to the Sea Wall area, this neighborhood offers homes with screened-in porches, fenced-in backyards, ceiling fans, and more. The sports complex is also nearby, so you’ll never have to miss a workout.


Settling in at Pensacola military base housing is easy with all the available options at your disposal. Availability is limited, though, so make sure to call the management office to find out exactly what you qualify for and which homes are currently move-in ready. Whether you’re moving in by yourself or with family, there’s so much to look forward to when you get here. With convenient access to base amenities and the beach not far from your house, you’re going to find a lot to love at NAS Pensacola.

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