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Aviation Survival Training Center Whidbey Island


Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC) Whidbey Island is a Force Enabler providing initial and refresher aviation survival training to sustain the operational readiness and combat effectiveness of Naval and Marine Corps Forces, other U.S. Armed Forces and allies, the Department of Homeland Security and selected civilians belonging to various organizations.

ASTC Whidbey Island does this in support of the strategic goals of the Chief of Naval Operations, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, and the Naval Medicine Operational Training Center. The ASTC is an outlying detachment of the Naval Survival Training Institute headquartered at NAS Pensacola, Florida, and is comprised of both active duty and government service personnel with the intent and focus to provide quality, relevant survival training to the joint warfighter.

Aircrew and selected individuals receive training in aviation physiology, sensory physiology, human performance, acceleration, low-pressure chamber operations, oxygen breathing equipment, aircrew personal survival/protective equipment and emergency egress. The ASTC also provides NATOPS-approved water survival curriculum that encompasses classroom lectures, extended sea survival techniques, survival swimming, over-water parachuting, underwater egress, life raft organization, helicopter rescue and use of survival items.

The ASTC mission is to maximize performance and survivability of the warfighter. This facility is in Buildings 2758 and 2837 across from Naval Hospital Oak Harbor.


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