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Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Whidbey Island Tenant Commands



COMVAQWINGPAC and staff provide combat-ready electronic attack squadrons to support the Commander, Naval Air Forces and combatant commander tasking worldwide. They also provide electronic warfare tactical and technical development leadership and expertise. As Type Wing Commander of all Navy EA-18G Growler fleet squadrons and Operational Commander of three expeditionary squadrons, the Commander and staff are engaged in activities ranging from maintenance, material and operational readiness support to everyday administrative functions.

The Wing Commander also works closely with NAS Whidbey Island and Outlying Landing Field Coupeville within the Navy Region Northwest area.

Electronic Attack Squadrons (VAQ)

NAS Whidbey Island is home to the Navy’s VAQ squadrons flying the Boeing EA-18G Growler, an all-weather, electronic attack aircraft with the primary role of suppressing enemy electronic capabilities through tactical jamming and the delivery of High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles.

There are 12 operational Navy electronic attack squadrons at Whidbey and one squadron, VAQ-141, permanently forward deployed to the Western Pacific aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), homeported in Japan. Each squadron typically has five aircraft assigned and averages 28 officers and 160 enlisted personnel.

VAQ squadrons deploy in support of both East and West Coast air wings and aircraft carriers as well as to various land-based joint facilities. Squadrons and their nicknames are:

  • VAQ-130 Zappers
  • VAQ-131 Lancers
  • VAQ-132 Scorpions
  • VAQ-133 Wizards
  • VAQ-134 Garudas
  • VAQ-135 Black Ravens
  • VAQ-136 Gauntlets
  • VAQ-137 Rooks
  • VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets
  • VAQ-139 Cougars
  • VAQ-140 Patriots
  • VAQ-141 Shadowhawks
  • VAQ-142 Gray Wolves
  • VAQ-209 Starwarriors (Reserves)

Fleet squadrons are supported by the Vikings of VAQ-129, the Fleet Replacement Squadron, responsible for training EA-18G pilots and electronic warfare officers. U.S. Air Force personnel are also assigned to Navy Expeditionary squadrons VAQ-132, VAQ-135 and VAQ-138. Although they are not assigned to carrier air wings, they deploy in support of joint forces from overseas land bases.


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