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Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services Battalion No. 3

Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services Battalion No. 3



Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services provide fire protection services to support the Navy mission, among them aircraft rescue firefighting, structural firefighting, emergency medical services including transport, hazardous materials and CBRN response, wildland firefighting and technical rescue. In addition to supporting the Navy mission, Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services supports local communities on the island through well-exercised mutual aid agreements.

Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services is a progressive fire service agency that provides 24-hour emergency services to the region and is capable of shipboard, aircraft and structural rescue and fire suppression, emergency medical support, specialized rescue and mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction.

The mission of Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services is to provide programs designed to protect lives and property of the inhabitants and visitors of Navy Region Northwest from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies and exposure to hazardous conditions created by either man or nature.

Fire Prevention

The department’s Fire Prevention Office is responsible for public education and training, code enforcement and fire investigations. To support education and training, the office conducts fire extinguisher classes, trains fire wardens, conducts fire drills and provides education to the base community on the best ways to prevent fires. In their efforts to prevent fires, the office conducts building plan reviews, conducts monthly inspections, issues permits and oversees the readiness of fire suppression systems.


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