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Housing Services

Housing Services

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In addition to providing military family and unaccompanied housing accommodations, the Housing Service Center (HSC) provides a variety of services to military members and their families. The HSC offers personalized home-finding assistance to locate temporary or long-term, on-base or off-base, community or PPV rentals. Other services include local area orientation and homebuying counseling. All military personnel, unaccompanied and accompanied, their families and DOD employees are eligible for these services. Services offered include:

Home-finding Services

The HSC provides free rental listing information. Referral specialists provide information on rental costs, deposit fees, locations, public transportation options, crime rates, school statistics and other facts about civilian housing in San Diego. A counselor will interview you to help you determine your personal and family needs regarding affordable housing in San Diego. The HSC also provides lease services, including lease review and explanation of lease terms.

Homebuying Assistance

Homebuying and real estate counseling services are also available at the San Diego HSC for personnel interested in purchasing or selling a home. Information on topics such as veteran assistance and Cal-Vet Home Loan Programs, homebuying workshops and first-time homebuyer assistance are available. Local market and lending information is also available to help families understand the homebuying and financing process. For more information, call 619-556-9970 or DSN 526-9970.

Tenant-Landlord Issue Resolution

In an effort to maintain good community relations while assisting military personnel and their families, the HSC assists in resolving tenant and landlord issues. Housing counselors are available to help you better understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter. This is often helpful in preventing legal action.

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