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Youth Services

Youth Services

The Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department at China Lake is an active, on going program that keeps the military children busy and involved. Be sure to check on all the activities for your children after arriving at China Lake.

Castle X offers the Leaders in Training Program. This program is offered during the summer months and allows children to work at the various MWR facilities and earn points towards free activities like bowling, swimming, etc.

On the station there are three great swimming pools, an inline hockey rink, a gymnasium, and a fitness center (16 years old and up), an auto hobby shop, racquetball courts, tennis courts, a jogging track, a bowling center, a golf course, a library, McDonald’s, a skate park, and plenty of other activities for your youth to enjoy.

Why Child & Youth Programs?

  1. Promotes positive relationships between children, teens, and adults.
  2. Implements a curriculum that fosters all areas of child development.
  3. Provides ongoing assessment of each individual child’s or teen’s needs.
  4. Employs qualified staff required to attend several trainings.
  5. Establishes positive, ongoing relationships with parents
  6. Provides a safe, nurturing, and healthy physical environment
  7. Implements quality customer service by following company policies and guidelines.
  8. Promotes nutrition and health for staff and children.
  9. Maintains a relationship with the community and utilizes resources.
  10. NAEYC Accredited CDC
  11. NAA Accredited SAC

About Child & Youth Programs

Child & Youth Programs encompasses the Child Development Center (six weeks through pre-school), School Age Care (Kindergarten through Fifth grade), Teen Center, and Child Development Homes (CDH).  The facilities are located on China Lake Base and are here to accommodate military families.  We also provide care to DOD and Contractors who need Child Care.

Each Program has highly trained employees that understand the different developmentalstages of children.  The program is designed to accommodate the needs of children depending on their age and personal development.  Staff is trained monthly and required to always have up-to-date CPR and First Aid training.

The CDC follows the Creative Curriculum which provides guidance to teachers as to how to set up their environment to fully engage a child and pull them into exploration and learning.


Our staff observes the children in attempt to understand where they are developmentally and help lead your child to the next steps in the learning process, by individualizing the curriculum.

School Age Care (SAC)

School Age Care accommodates Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  They make sure the children are dropped off and picked up from school safely.  The staff help’s to individualize the program by planning a monthly calendar of age-appropriate activities for each grade level in the center.  There is a Homework room for the children who come in from school to have a quiet place to do their work and receive help if they need it.  The staff evaluates children individually and helps one another to accommodate the appropriate action as to how to lead children in the right direction, or encourage them to continue the way they are.

Teen Center

The Teen Center is another MWR program and is open to children in the 7th through 12th grades. It is a great program that offers teens a place to spend time with their peers in a supervised area. The Teen Center has computers, pool tables, cable TV, video games, dances, and field trips, and can be rented for private parties. 

The Teen Center is a place for the teens to attend after they get out of school and want a place to go to hang out with their friends, do homework, play sports, etc. The staff implements activities for the teens, assist them with homework, and help lead them in the right direction by mentoring them.

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