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Navy Sponsor
If you have not heard from your sponsor, please e-mail the NBVC sponsor coordinator at: sponsor coord@nbvc.navy.mil, or call (805) 989-1802, DSN 351.

Professional Development
Keep up with your professional community management, career progression, new incentives, re-enlistment news, advancement news, correspondence courses, detailing news and Officer community news. For details, please contact the career counselor at (805) 989-8728.

Administrative Documents
Find all of the Command instructions, directives, notices and forms, cancelled and superceded instructions and the current Plan of the Week (POW) on the NBVC Intranet Web site, NBVC Online. This site is restricted to .MIL users only. Military sites having problems accessing this site may contact the NBVC Help Desk or call at (805) 989-1843.

U.S. Pacific Fleet (CINCPACFLT)
For the latest information on Fleet news, Fleet imagery, logos/graphics, Fleet facts, leadership, history, mission, organization, speeches, Pacific Command, Naval Air Force, surface force, submarine force, numbered Fleets, Navy regions, Fleet instructions, NMCI, duty in the Pacific, ship addresses, Navy history and Human Resources, visit the CINCPACFLT Web site at www.cpf.navy.mil.

Bupers Online (BOL)
Check and correct your Officer Data Card, Performance Summary Record or Enlisted Summary Record at www.bol.navy.mil. Check your individual ITEMPO count, see what’s on the Navy Diversity Calendar and take the Argus Retention Survey. Let the Senior Navy Leadership know what you want for your career in the Navy.

PSD Port Hueneme
For questions about replacing your military or government ID card, pay and disbursing, travel claims, transfer or PCS, ESO, SAT/transportation or separations, call PSD Port Hueneme at (805) 982-5445/3983/3965. Find out more about these and other timely Military Personnel issues by reading the Port Hueneme PSD Newsletter. To subscribe, contact PSD.

LIFELines Information Services
Contains an extensive listing of links and articles that are designed to keep you up-to-date and informed about all aspects of Navy life. Whether you have questions about deployment, finance management, relocation, or even the safety and welfare of your family, LIFELines has the answers you need. Go to www.lifelines.navy.mil to obtain information about active duty, casualty assistance, children and youth, civilian personnel, command leadership, deployment readiness, education, EFM/special needs, employment, extended family, family life, financial management, eCourseware and games, key volunteer network, military life, military spouses, new to the military, newsstand, ombudsmen, on call assistance, pay and personnel, relocation, reserves, rights and benefits, safety and wellness, transition assistance and vets/retiree support services. Or call the Fleet and Family Support Center at (805) 982-5037.

(805) 236-4782 or 509-3799
What is an Ombudsman? An ombudsman is a valuable resource and point of contact for families who have needs best cared for by another Navy spouse.

The Ombudsman …
• IS someone who will listen!
• IS a bridge between the Command, its family members and the resources of the community.
• CAN refer Navy families to various support agencies for assistance.
• ACTS as a two-way communicator, a referral agent and interpersonal helper for family members.
• IS a person with whom you can discuss a problem in confidence.
• PROMISES to treat the problems you discuss in a confidential and professional manner and can make sure you are informed about services and opportunities available to you.
• IS a person the Command has instructed and trained because they CARE very much about making your life easier. The Command wants family members to have a contact person for just about any question they may have through the Navy Ombudsman Program. If we don’t know the answer, we will provide you with a resource that can answer your questions.

(805) 989-1452
The NBVC Emergency Management Office (EMO) is located at Point Mugu, Building 1, Room 105.

The primary objective of the emergency management program is to protect personnel and restore Navy mission capabilities; using an all hazards approach and appropriate resources to resolve incidents resulting from natural disasters, accidents or criminal acts to include terrorist attacks. All tenant commands and activities within the NBVC area of responsibility shall be prepared to employ or make available resources in support of this effort.

This will be achieved by training NBVC personnel and tenant commands in the National Incident Management System (www.fema.gov/emergency/nims/), which uses the Incident Command System to resolve incidents and restore Navy facilities and programs to their preincident condition.

(805) 989-9234
NBVC lists local businesses that offer discounted materials and services to active duty military. The list is maintained on NBVC’s Intranet Web site—a site visible only to military and civilian employees. This listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Navy or Naval Base Ventura County of the businesses and services rendered. All businesses listed must be made available to patrons without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national origin.
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