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SHOBA Ship-to-Shore Bombardment Training Range

SHOBA Ship-to-Shore Bombardment Training Range

The land, air and sea ranges provide the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and other military services space and facilities which are used to conduct readiness training, research, development, test and evaluation activities.


San Clemente Island is a 57-square mile volcanic island approximately 75 miles northwest of San Diego that is the only live fire ship-to-shore bombardment training range in the United States. The Navy has operated San Clemente Island for over 70 years as a tactical training range and testing area where the U.S. military forces can conduct exercises in a controlled, safe environment.

The Navy has succeeded in managing Natural Resources and maintains one of the highest training tempos on DOD lands. The primary purpose of San Clemente Island is to meet the national strategy of forward presence and global engagement by providing readiness training for units and personnel who deploy overseas.


Ship-to-shore bombardment training ranges (SHOBA) remain on the southern end of the island where sub­marines surface offshore near Navy destroyers and small vessels topped with rotating radar dishes. Ramps are used to support LCAC landings while preventing beach erosion and threatened western snowy plovers persist and have bred successfully alongside the LCAC landing ramp. The Navy has taken measures to make sure the wildlife is safe by reconfiguring training ranges as feasible. 

Ship-to-shore/air-to-ground bombardment range known as SHOBA is on the south end of Navy owned San Clemente Island, it’s considered to be the beaches for amphibious assault training down the spine of the heavily traveled 22-mile-long island.

The Navy accelerated the use of the Shore Bombardment Area (SHOBA) following the commencement of WWII hostilities in 1942, where the southern end of the island was used for fleet training. Nine explosive ordnance magazines were placed mid-island.


The only surface fire support range on the West Coast is at San Clemente Island and is the Navy’s last ship-to-shore live-fire range. Since the terrorist attacks of September 2001, training on the island has increased with the construction of a simulated U.S. embassy compound to train troops in rescuing Americans.

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