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Navy Region Northwest

Puget Sound is the U.S. Navy’s third-largest fleet concentration area. The Department of the Navy spends about $2.8 billion annually in the region, which is home to approximately 31,000 active-duty members, 16,000 civilian employees, 2,400 drilling reservists, 11,000 contractors, 42,000 family members and 55,000 Navy retirees.

As the regional coordinator for the Navy in the four-state area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, Navy Region Northwest provides coordination of base operating support functions for operating forces throughout the region.

This includes providing expertise in areas such as facilities and land space management, exercise coordination, housing, environmental, security, family services, port services, air services, bachelor quarters and logistical concerns for the thousands of Navy members and their families in the area, including homeported and transient ships, submarines and aircraft, as well as afloat and ashore tenants. Navy Region Northwest also coordinates Fleet Week activities for Portland, Oregon’s Rose Festival and Seattle, Washington’s Seafair.

Major Navy Region Northwest commands include Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Naval Station Everett, Naval Base Kitsap and Naval Magazine Indian Island.

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