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Station Support Organizations

Naval Station Everett

The mission of Naval Station Everett is to provide services in support of operational forces assigned to the station. These forces are for the most part ships and their associated organizations. Support to these forces and their personnel is accomplished by naval station departments and by tenant organizations headquartered elsewhere but delivering services through detachments. These include the following:

Security Department

The Security Department performs on-station guard and police services, traffic law enforcement, preliminary and vehicle accident investigations, key security, lock control and arms room service. In addition to nonfelony investigations, the Security Department is also responsible for station vehicle registration, issuance of personnel identification badges, the command urinalysis program, and the military working dog kennel with drug detection and patrol dog capabilities.

Fire Department

The Puget Sound Federal Fire Department, which was established in October 1998 by regionalizing all Puget Sound naval installation fire departments, provides fire protection for Naval Station Everett. Emergency services provided include structural firefighting, shipboard firefighting, emergency medical responses, hazardous materials responses, and responses under the mutual aid agreements with the city of Everett and Snohomish County. Emergency assistance is requested by calling 911. Business numbers are 425-304-3081 or DSN 727-3081.

Port Operations

The Port Operations Department coordinates the provision of waterfront services to all homeported and visiting U.S. Navy and other ships. Port Operations is responsible for arranging and coordinating ship berthing and logistic services. The department operates and maintains all yard and service craft, prepares berths prior to ship arrivals, and conducts surface operations during oil and hazardous substance spill responses. They are responsible for the maintenance of all boat hulls, outboard engines and associated trailers. Additional responsibilities include harbor security boat maintenance, emergency preparedness, and oil spill prevention and response. Port Operations can be reached at 425-304-3487/3587 or DSN 727-3487/3587.

Base Operations

The Base Operations Department oversees the operations of the base through coordination and planning with Security, Port Operations, Federal Fire Department, Public Affairs, Supply and MWR. Base Operations staff are the coordinators for all helicopter and seaplane operations at Naval Station Everett. Base Operations can be reached at 425-304-3306/3307/3308 or DSN 727-3306/3307/3330.

Supply Department

The Supply Department includes two divisions — Food Service and Unaccompanied Housing. The Food Service Division operates the All American Restaurant, preparing and serving three meals a day. Unaccompanied Housing ensures quality of life in bachelor housing for junior Sailors. To contact the Supply Department, call 425-304-3173 or DSN 727-3173.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Puget Sound, Washington, provides a full range of distribution services and information in the Pacific Northwest to enable a seamless, tailored, worldwide DOD network that delivers effective, efficient and innovative support for the fleet homeported in and transitioning through the Pacific Northwest, all military services and tenants on base. DLA Distribution Everett, Washington, is the East Sound’s link to this diversified support network. Located in the Logistics Complex, Building 2200, the nine civilian team members provide the physical receipt and local delivery of logistics material through two material processing centers (MPCs); one for USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Transit Shed and the other for all other commands. In-transit visibility through the complex is maintained by DLA’s Distribution Standard System (DSS), with tailored delivery schedules to meet customer’s needs. Outbound shipping and packing services are available via most modes of transportation. The site manager may be reached at 425-304-4102 or DSN 727-4102.

Fleet and Family Readiness Department

The Fleet and Family Readiness Department provides recreation, fitness and life skills programs, classes and services for military personnel and civilians assigned to the station as well as their family members. Services and facilities include:

Sports, Fitness and Aquatics: Seismos Fitness Center, athletic gear issue, Tsunami Pool and intramural sports program.

Recreation: Subsidized recreation programs for junior enlisted Sailors (Liberty NW), deployed forces support liaison, outdoor recreation programs and rentals, Information, Tickets and Tours, Vibes single Sailor lounge, Faultline Flicks movie theater, Pierside Resource Center, Jim Creek Wilderness Recreation Area and Pacific Beach.

Child and Youth Programs: Child Development Center (CDC), Child Development Homes (CDH), Youth Programs and school liaison officer.

Food, Business and Entertainment: Tremors all-hands club, Aftershock Cafe, Pierside Grill, All American Restaurant and special event catering.

Fleet and Family Support Programs: Clinical counseling, new parent support, family advocacy, workshops and classes, including transitional assistance, life skills, personal financial management, family employment readiness and relocation.

Housing: Unaccompanied Housing, family housing, referral services, Rental Partnership Program and Public Private Venture (PPV) housing.

Lodging: Navy Gateway Inns & Suites and Navy Lodge.

For phone numbers and additional information, check out the Fleet and Family Readiness section of this guide or visit our website at www.navylifepnw.com.

Chaplain Department

Responsible for the spiritual well-being of Sailors and Navy family members, the Chaplain Department provides opportunities for personnel to express and develop their religious faith. They provide a religious program for Roman Catholics and Protestants and facilitate worship for those whose religious preference is not represented by the Chaplain Department. Chaplains are also involved in hospital and confinement facility visitation, and they maintain liaison with local ministerial associations and other moral and spiritual activities. To reach the Chaplain Department, please call 425-304-3342 or DSN 727-3342.

Information Resources Management

The Information Resources Management Department provides communication and computer support for the station, the Navy Support Complex, tenant activities and ships. These functions include hardware and software procurement, office automation, technical guidance, software and hardware development, system installation and training. They administer a local area network consisting of more than 400 workstations and currently have wide area network (WAN) connectivity to the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) and Internet via the Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) that provides global communication outside of the Pacific Northwest. For more information on IRM, call 425-304-3183 or DSN 727-3644.

Public Affairs Officer

The public affairs officer (PAO) is the focal point for all information concerning Naval Station Everett people and activities. The PAO coordinates base tours, provides speakers for civic organizations and schools, and produces the annual base guide.

In addition to being the commander’s liaison between the station and the news media, the PAO also offers assistance on public affairs matters to command representatives afloat and on shore.

Any official contacts with media and off-base presentations must first be coordinated with Public Affairs. The number is 425-304-3202 or DSN 727-3202.

Occupational Safety and Health Office

Naval Station Everett is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star Site. The Occupational Safety and Health Office provides professional safety services to civilian and military personnel of Naval Station Everett, tenant activities, ships, housing areas, family members (in some cases) and many community programs.

The safety program encompasses a broad range of areas, including industrial and office safety, workplace inspections, mishap investigations and reporting, recreation and home safety, sight and hearing conservation, ergonomics, respiratory protection and explosives safety. Other services include courtesy inspections of tenant commands and providing safety support to ships and pier operations. They also review and approve procurements of safety equipment and provide assistance with the use, storage and handling of hazardous materials. The safety office provides formal safety training and hosts all-hands safety standdowns. They provide consulting services on everything relating to safety regulations and good safety practices.

It is of major importance that hazards are identified before accidents or injuries occur. This is an ongoing effort by management, supervisors, safety staff and each individual through the use of operational risk management (ORM). You can contribute to the overall success of the safety program by reporting any situation you feel to be hazardous, first to your supervisor, then to your department or activity safety representative. When you need assistance from the naval station safety office, call 425-304-3460 or DSN 727-3460.

Naval Station Everett


Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest (Public Works Department)

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest provides public works functions for Naval Station Everett. The department is divided into multiple divisions (Facilities Management, Facilities Engineering and Acquisition, Production and Environmental) that perform many diverse duties, which include facility and transportation maintenance; facility planning and engineering; construction and facility service contract administration; vehicle assignments and rentals; crane operations; self-help; utilities operations; environmental compliance; and hazardous and solid waste disposal, reutilization and composting services.

FMD: The Facilities Management Division (FMD) is the point of work generation for Naval Station Everett and also provides real property management. It receives work requests from supported commands, manages current year sustainment funds, and develops and manages base master planning. The public works service desk can be reached at 425-304-4357 or DSN 727-4357.

FEAD: The Facilities Engineering, Acquisition and Management Division (FEAD) is responsible for facility repair and maintenance, acquisition planning, and contract administration of construction and service contracts from design to delivery. The Facilities Engineering, Acquisition and Management Divisions are in Building 2000, rooms 242 and 227.

Production Division: The Production Division (Shops) provides an in-house workforce to execute facility maintenance, utility operations, energy management, recycling and the base support vehicle equipment program. The Solid Waste and Recycling Branch provides solid waste disposal, reutilization and composting services though curbside service to collect, consolidate and market recyclable material from station departments, tenant commands and homeported ships. Proceeds from the sale of recyclable materials cover the program’s operating costs and enhance quality of life, energy conservation and environmental programs. The maintenance shops are at Building 2132, and the Recycle Center is located at Building 2331. For more information, contact the Recycle Center at 425-304-3071 or DSN 727-3071.

Environmental Division: The Environmental Division is responsible for oversight and review of Navy operations, projects, and recreational activities to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Services include environmental permits; natural, cultural and historical resources; drinking water, stormwater and wastewater; pollution prevention; hazardous waste; spill prevention and response; and environmental site-specific training. The Environmental Office is located in Building 2000, Room 225, and the Hazardous Waste Accumulation Facility is at Building 2150. For more information, contact the Environmental Division at 425-304-3470 or DSN 727-3470.

Naval Radio Station (T) Jim Creek

Naval Radio Station (T) Jim Creek is divided into two separate and distinct identities. The operational organization is the very low frequency (VLF) naval radio station, which provides operational command and control communications for the Pacific Submarine Fleet by managing, operating and maintaining the AN/FRT-3 VLF Radio Transmitting System and a one-of-a-kind catenary antenna array system. The VLF radio construction started in 1949. The transmitter was first keyed in 1952 and began the official broadcast in 1953. NRS (T) Jim Creek has a reputation as being the “most reliable VLF site.” Naval Radio Station (T) Jim Creek is a tenant organization.

Jim Creek’s secondary purpose is as a regional outdoor recreation area for use by all active-duty military, retired military, DOD civilians, reservists, families and sponsored guests. In this case, Jim Creek is part of the naval station.

Jim Creek is located in the foothills of the North Cascades just outside Arlington, about 30 to 40 minutes from the naval station, and borders the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Boulder River Wilderness area. Overnight accommodations include no-hookup campsites, full-hookup RV pads, one- and two-room log cabins, apartment-style dens, and a lodge with kitchen and dining room, bathrooms and a sleeping capacity of up to 50 people. A restroom and shower facility with handicapped access is centrally located near the campgrounds and picnic areas. There are designated areas for group camping, as well as a large picnic pavilion for group picnics, located near the playground, sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits.

Jim Creek is also home to Twin Lakes, two 35-acre lakes located approximately 5 miles from the main campground and famous for its excellent fishing and boating. Along Twin Lakes are hiking and biking trails that meander through old-growth forests. For information or  reservations at Jim Creek, please call 425-304-5315/5363 or stop by ITT/Leisure Services in The Commons building.


Navy Region Northwest, Reserve Component Command (NRNW RCC)

Navy Region Northwest, Reserve Component Command (NRNW RCC) was established in 1974 and was formerly known as REDCOM Northwest. NRNW RCC is an Echelon IV command under Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command. NRNW RCC is tasked with providing operational support to active-component commands and overseeing the mobilization readiness of Navy-selected reservists serving in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. NRNW RCC provides oversight to 11 Navy Operational Support Centers (formerly named Navy Reserve Centers). NRNW RCC serves additional duties to Commander, Navy Region Northwest by providing funeral honors, casualty assistance calls support, operational support and Navy mobilization processing. The command is housed in the Navy Reserve Complex at Naval Station Everett.

Afloat Training Group
Pacific Northwest (ATGPNW)

ATGPNW supports Navy and Coast Guard type commanders, area and district commanders, and immediate superiors in charge (ISIC) as they train and assess their ships.


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

Northwest Regional Maintenance Center

In 2003, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Pacific Northwest (located at Bangor and Everett, Washington) consolidated into one maintenance activity — creating PSNS & IMF. The consolidation improves fleet readiness by allowing the Navy to accomplish the highest priority, real-time ship maintenance requirements while achieving the most maintenance effort possible for the tax dollar.

In addition to the PSNS & IMF consolidation, another opportunity to further improve service to the fleet arose in 2003. Surface ship maintenance organizations including the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Puget Sound (SSPS), portions of the Commander, Naval Surface Group, Pacific Northwest Maintenance Staff (CNSGPNW), and Fleet Technical Support Center, Pacific Detachment Everett (FTSCPAC Det. Everett) joined PSNS & IMF in standing up the Northwest Regional Maintenance Center (NWRMC). The NWRMC now provides maintenance for every class of Navy vessel.

The PSNS & IMF Bremerton site resides on 179 acres of property bordered on the south by Sinclair Inlet, on the west by Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, and on the north and east perimeters by the city of Bremerton. The Bangor site is situated on Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor in Silverdale and provides industrial support for incremental overhaul and repair of TRIDENT submarines, as well as depot-level overhaul of surface ships, aircraft carriers and equipment in the Trident Planned Equipment Replacement Program. The facility’s refit industrial operation, including Everett, is equivalent to that of a submarine tender but on a larger scale.

PSNS & IMF is under claimancy of Commander, Pacific Fleet and operated by Naval Sea Systems Command. The mission of PSNS & IMF is to ensure freedom by fixing ships and supporting the warfighter. The Bremerton facility is also the first and only shipyard in the world that has inactivated and safely recycled nuclear-powered ships, and is widely recognized as the international authority in this field.

The depth of skill and experience inherent in the command’s highly trained workforce continuously pays dividends to the fleet. PSNS & IMF personnel repair and maintain the fleet throughout the world.

Dynamic, innovative leadership, coupled with a burning desire to position these commands to please their customers well into the future, has kept PSNS & IMF focused on continuous improvement in four key areas: world-class maintenance, safety and environmental leadership, technical innovation and dedicated community partnership.

Highly skilled production workers in a number of trades execute ship maintenance with first-time quality. Engineers and planners keep their eyes to the future, using imaginative thinking, planning and designing to keep America’s Navy No. 1 in the world.

Not only does the command employ the latest techniques on ships of the fleet, but also a task force of civil engineers, architects and construction people are busily engaged in modernizing the buildings and machinery where the work of the fleet is done.

The standard of excellence and professionalism is evidenced by the many “well-done” messages received from ships and submarines following work completion, as well as numerous awards.

Network Management Center

The Network Management Center (NMC) provides telecommunications service for Naval Station Everett and its tenant commands, Jim Creek, the Navy Support Complex, commands located in the city of Everett, and homeported and visiting ships. Services include repair, installation and maintenance of telephone systems and user training. They can be reached by calling 425-304-3562 or DSN 727-3562.

Center For Surface Combat Systems
Detachment Pacific Northwest

Officer in Charge | 425-304-3151
Senior Enlisted Leader | 425-304-3757
Command Duty Officer | 425-290-2454

Training Support

Training Support Office | 425-304-3154


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