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NS Newport
Coastal Riverine Squadron 8

Coastal Riverine Squadron 8

NS Newport Commands Coastal Riverine Squadron 8


Building W-36
Elliot Avenue
Phone: 401-841-7152

Website: www.public.navy.mil/necc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CORIVRON8

Coastal Riverine Squadron 8 is responsible for maintaining unit-level readiness of its assigned companies and high-value unit detachment in Groton, Connecticut, including training individuals to deploy in support of mission tasking. CORIVRON 8 is a multiservice (Navy and Coast Guard) hardware-equipped, C4ISR-embedded, deployable asset that provides centralized planning, control, coordination and integration of its boat and security platoons. The squadron’s anti-terrorism and force protection missions include harbor and homeland defense, coastal surveillance and special missions. The squadron conducts force protection of strategic shipping and naval vessels operating in the inshore and coastal areas, anchorages and harbors, from bare beach to sophisticated port facilities.

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