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NCSC Reopens Its Doors at Naval Station Newport

NCSC Reopens Its Doors at Naval Station Newport

Story by CDR James Stockman on 03/12/2019

From Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs

NEWPORT, R.I. The Navy command responsible for developing and delivering religious ministry training returned to Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island, March 11.

Naval Chaplaincy School and Center (NCSC), one of 12 learning centers under Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), moved to Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 2009 as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission when the school was known as the Naval Chaplains School and only trained officers.

“Returning to Newport enhances our ability to provide a more thorough Sailorization to our chaplain community,” said Capt. Steve Moses, NCSC commander. “In Newport, our command has the opportunity to engage in dialogue, training opportunities, and mutual cooperation with the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center, the Naval War College, Officer Training Command and the Senior Enlisted Academy. Leveraging these important relationships will strengthen our training courses and offer our instructors opportunities to make contributions to the training of officers from other communities.”

NCSC and Newport welcomed 49 chaplain corps students, who are attending the Professional Naval Chaplaincy Intermediate and Basic Leadership courses and the Religious Program Specialist (RP) Manager’s course.

RP “A” School, or initial skills training following boot camp, returned to Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi through a NCSC learning site in February 2019.

“At Meridian, our RPs will have opportunities to develop closer ties with the administration ratings and our connections to Naval Technical Training Center will offer us an opportunity to build stronger programs by learning from our counterparts in the other communities,” said Moses. “We believe these relocations are a win-win for us and the rest of the Navy.”

NCSC today has evolved into a headquarters that trains U.S. Navy’s chaplains and enlisted religious program specialists (RP) both in traditional classrooms and at 13 locations through mobile training teams, spanning initial to more advanced courses.

“Chaplains and religious program specialists deliver essential components of fleet readiness by fostering high morale, developing and strengthening moral and spiritual well-being, and ensuring that every member of the command has the maximum opportunity for exercising their first amendment right to the free exercise of religion,” said Moses. “Commanders who leverage the full potential of their RMTs [religious ministry teams] can expect warfighters that are better prepared for combat as well as the day-to-day stressors of peace time.”

Almost 200 chaplains and 200 RPs graduate from NCSC residence courses each year to prepare them to deliver professional religious ministry to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Merchant Marine. Another 600 chaplains and 300 RPs receive professional development training annually through mobile training teams.

Chaplains and RPs play a critical role in helping the Department of the Navy achieve and maintain a ready force. Religious ministry and compassionate pastoral care are characterized by cooperation, tolerance, mutual respect, and respect for diversity, as well as an emphasis on understanding the pluralistic military environment. Chaplains and RPs are embedded within commands operating at sea and ashore to ensure 24/7 availability for service members and their families.

For more information on NCSC, visit https://www.public.navy.mil/netc/centers/chaplain/Default.aspx.

For more information about NETC, visit the command’s website at https://www.public.navy.mil/netc or www.navy.mil/local/cnet/ and follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/netcpao.

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