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Officer Training Command Newport

NS Newport Commands Officer Training Command


Nimitz Hall, Building 1356
1356 Meyerkord Ave.
Phone: 401-841-1585

Website: www.public.navy.mil/netc/nstc/otcn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/otcNewport

Officer Training Command Newport was established as a separate command from NS Newport on Oct. 1, 1998. OTCN’s mission is to develop civilians, enlisted and newly commissioned officers morally, mentally and physically and imbue them with the highest ideals of honor, courage and commitment to prepare graduates for service in the fleet as naval officers. The command currently delivers five separate officer accession and indoctrination programs and manages three Navy technical training facilities.

Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School is a 12-week course designed to give officer candidates desiring a commission in the unrestricted line, restricted line or Staff Corps (Supply Corps and Civil Engineering Corps only) a working knowledge of the Navy and Marine Corps (afloat and ashore), and to prepare them to assume the responsibilities of naval officers upon graduation. OCS is a mentally demanding and physically challenging program. Academic subjects include engineering, military indoctrination, naval history, navigation, seamanship, damage control, naval leadership, administration, military law, naval warfare and several special emphasis programs. Military training includes rapid memorization of general military knowledge, personnel inspections and close-order drill. The rigorous physical training program consists of running, augmented by calisthenics, strength training and swimming, and begins almost immediately upon arrival.

Seaman-to-Admiral 21

The Seaman-to-Admiral 21 program provides an opportunity for select enlisted men and women to become commissioned officers. At OTCN, STA-21 participants complete a nine-week course called NSI (Naval Science Institute). NSI provides Sailors instruction in the fundamental Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps core courses: introduction to naval science, sea power, navigation I and II, engineering and weapons. Following successful completion of NSI, these Sailors will enroll in an NROTC-affiliated college or university where they must complete a college degree within three years.

Officer Development School

Officer Development School is a five-week program designed to introduce newly commissioned nuclear power instructor and engineers, and Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, Medical Service Corps, Judge Advocate General Corps and Dental Corps officers to their new responsibilities as naval officers. The curriculum includes courses covering naval indoctrination, military law, naval correspondence and administration, career development, physical fitness, drill and apprentice-level leadership skills, and fulfilling the requirement for the division officer capstone course.

Limited Duty Officers and Chief Warrant Officers School

Limited Duty Officers and Chief Warrant Officers School is a four-week course designed to help new limited duty and chief warrant officers transition from their previous enlisted ranks to their position as naval officers. The curriculum includes courses covering navigation and seamanship, military law, naval correspondence and administration, career development, critical thinking and division officer leadership.

Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course

The Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course is a two-week course designed to introduce newly commissioned Navy Reserve officers to their responsibilities as naval officers. The course is intense and facilitates the new officers’ introduction to military structure, the rich history of Navy traditions and customs, the military legal system and military etiquette. This course is completed by new Reserve officers during their two-week annual training.

Technical Training Facilities

There are three technical training facilities run by OTCN. The wet trainer, better known as the “buttercup,” is used to teach damage control methods on a sinking vessel. The Fire Fighting School teaches firefighting skills to OTCN students as well as to fleet and U.S. Coast Guard personnel. The “Michael P. Murphy” combat training pool is used to train and conduct required Navy swim qualifications for new officers.

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