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Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division

Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division

Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia

Building 4, 5001 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19112

Naval Yard Annex Capt Francis Spencer

Capt. Francis E. Spencer III, USN
Commanding Officer,
NSWC Philadelphia Division

Naval Yard Annex Michael Kistler

Michael R. Kistler
Technical Director,
NSWC Philadelphia Division

MISSION: Provide research, development, test and evaluation, acquisition support, engineering, systems integration, in-service engineering and fleet support with cybersecurity, comprehensive logistics, and life cycle savings through commonality for surface and undersea vehicle machinery, ship systems, equipment and material, and to execute other responsibilities as assigned by Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center.

NSWC Philadelphia Division provides the Navy’s primary technical expertise for naval machinery research and development and in-service engineering, as well as machinery cybersecurity and life cycle engineering.

The division is responsible for the U.S. Navy machinery systems and serves as a central point for academia and industry to join forces with Navy technical experts to develop solutions to needs in naval machinery. Consistent with its machinery systems responsibility, the division fulfills key functions including research, design, development, shipboard and land-based test and evaluation, acquisition support, in-service engineering, fleet engineering, integrated logistics support and concepts and overall life cycle engineering. The division’s key technical areas include machinery programs and platforms; machinery research, logistics and ships integrity; propulsion, power and auxiliary machinery systems; and cybersecure machinery controls systems and networks. In addition, the division has comptroller, contracting and business operations departments to support its technical mission.

Military: 3
Civilians: 2,494
Total: 2,988

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