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Joint Reserve Intelligence Center Memphis

Joint Reserve Intelligence Center Memphis

JRIC Memphis reports to the Commander, Naval Reserve Intelligence Command via the Officer in Charge, Reserve Intelligence Area Three headquarters in New Orleans. With an active duty complement of two full-time support personnel and a civil service admin. officer, JRIC Memphis is responsible for providing administrative guidance, information systems administration, training and facilities support for two Naval Reserve Intelligence Units, one Naval Reserve Security Group Detachment and one Army Military Intelligence Operations Detachment. The four units collectively have a total membership in excess of 130 drilling Selected Reserve personnel.


The mission of the JRIC is to provide support to all branches of the Armed Forces where there are Selected Reserve personnel who are currently drilling from Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Reserve components. These dedicated reservists come to duty from at least 10 states, including Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Florida and Alabama. In addition to drilling the required one weekend each month, reservists assigned to JRIC Memphis annually perform a 2-week active duty training tour here or at the headquarters for their respective gaining commands.


The Joint Reserve Intelligence Program has always contributed a significant percentage to the gaining command’s “real time” intelligence needs. It is not uncommon for JRIC Memphis reservists to be mobilized under involuntary active duty orders, or to volunteer for long periods of active duty, performing missions work at the JRIC Memphis site or other locations around the world.

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