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Naval Legal Service Office Central Detachment

Naval Legal Service Office Central Detachment

Naval Legal Service 
Office Central 
Detachment Memphis

Located in the McCandless Building (S-794), NLSO Central Detachment Memphis provides a myriad of legal services to personnel in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas and portions of Mississippi. The NLSO is staffed by certified Navy lawyers, legal men and civilian paralegal specialists who are trained in civil and military law.


The Legal Assistance Department provides civil law assistance to service members, their family members and retirees. Services include estate planning, preparation and execution of wills, living wills, powers of attorney, bills of sale, promissory notes, affidavits and related legal documents; advice on contracts, leases and disputed debts; assistance in resolving consumer issues, and filing complaints against merchants and businesses; legal advice and assistance in domestic matters; and preparing and submitting federal and state tax returns. Walk-ins are welcome on Monday, and by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The Defense Services Department provides legal counsel to personally advise service members on non-judicial punishment matters, summary courts-martial, administrative separation and medical board processing; lawyer representation at trial by courts-martial and administrative boards; advice and assistance to service members submitting rebuttal to adverse fitness reports and evaluations; and advice and assistance to service members in preparing complaints of wrong doing against superiors.


The Claims Department processes personnel claims, military claims and tort claims against the U.S. Government. This department also assists NLSO Central (Pensacola) in asserting claims on behalf of the U.S. Government to recover from third parties. The Claims Department can provide general information and forms to those who wish to file a claim against the government, and can assist those who are pursuing their own claims for personal injury against third parties.

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