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Family Child Care

Family Child Care

Children ages 6 weeks to 12 years may receive care in the private home of a certified family child care provider living in government-owned or leased housing. Family child care is typically available weekdays and with additional care provided during evenings, weekends and flexible hourly care for shift work. Regulations limit the number of children who receive care at any one time to no more than six children under age 8 and no more than two children under age 2. Family child care providers must be certified to operate by the installation. Individual providers may voluntarily seek national accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care and are provided local support, training and materials to accomplish this goal.

FCC is the regular care of a child in the home of another family. Care is provided on a regular basis, usually 3-10 hours per day. Occasional baby-sitting is not considered FCC. In a FCC home there are no more than six children present. Persons who operate a FCC home must meet certain base requirements before offering care to children. Operating a FCC home in government quarters is a privilege granted by the Base Commander to persons who have satisfactorily completed training requirements, home inspections, and agency screenings. FCC is designed to ensure the health and safety of children being cared for are protected and the operation of such homes does not detract from the quality of life of Air Force families.

For a current list of FCC providers contact the Child Development Center at 850-283-4747.

Complete AF Form 3501 (Waiting List Form) available from your current Child Development Center to be placed on the waiting list prior to your arrival. The CDC maintains a list of certified Family Child Care Providers.

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