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Housing for Unaccompanied Personnel

Housing for Unaccompanied Personnel

The Housing Service Center (HSC) staff is ready to assist unaccompanied personnel reporting to NSA Philadelphia and will assist in determining eligibility, options, and in locating acceptable housing.  HSC has a number of excellent Community Housing choices and services.

Housing Resources

  • Full range of housing options if interested in renting or purchasing.  Be sure to check in with us at the HSC for all of the latest information, listings and assistance.
  • Assist you in locating approriate rental housing to meet your needs.
  • Protection from leases and avoiding discrimination with your housing agreement.

HSC works closely with landlords and property managers in the community which lead to the Rental partnership program (RPP).  There are many advantages renting within the RPP including:  properties inspected by the HSC, reduced or no security deposits, payment by allotment and discounts on rent.  When ou are authorized to live in the local community, you will draw Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).  Information on local community housing.

Barracks and Dorms

NSA Philadelphia does not have Unaccompanied Housing Barracks or Dormitories.

Community Housing

Unaccompanied Personnel considering off-base housing must first contact NSA Philadelphia Center (HSC). HSC is prepared to assist unaccompanied personnel who are authorized to earn BAH find a home in the community. 

What NSA Philadelphia Housing can do for You

  • Maintains unaccompanied personnel affordable housing listings
  • Roommate assistance
  • Lease assistance (HSC in some cases offers favorable rents & security deposit agreements)
  • Supports mediated disputes with landlords or roommates



Roommates are a great way to lower expenses. The HSC skilled staff provides tips so your house sharing experience will be a pleasant event.

Local area apartments are generally available, affordable, and convenient to NSA Philadelphia. To see available listings visit the HSC office, or visit AHRN to find housing options in affordable price ranges and location preferences.

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